Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Dreams Do Come True

“You’re always saving me Lucas.”

Just in case you missed it, that line was delivered by the gorgeous Hannah Kasulka on Monday’s night episode of “One Tree Hill.” Not only did she deliver that line but she and her line were used in the promo’s leading up to the show last night.

Hannah, who grew up in Macon, is now a senior at Georgia Tech. Hannah has been a model since she was knee high to a grasshopper. She has done print ads for such companies as Rich’s, Jezebel Magazine, Goody’s, Vow Magazine and T.S. Outfitters.

As you can see, she also used to sit on my lap when she was a baby.

In addition to her obvious beauty, Hannah is also very talented. I watched her since she was a little girl performing in dance shows and dance competitions. Although I am biased, I always thought she stood out and was better than most of the others.

This girl can do anything. And it would not surprise me if last night was the first among many times we will see her delivering lines in television and film.

She has dreamed about such things all her life.

And dreams do come true.

Check out article in Macon Telegraph.


Hannah said...

Thank you! Love you.

Anonymous said...

she is stunning.

Judy S said...

She is a beautiful girl and I wish her much success.