Thursday, February 26, 2009

They Chose Him

(Warner Robins, GA) This in an incredible video taken from a security camera inside a local Waffle House I have eaten in numerous times. It's taken at about 2AM a few nights ago.

You hear the waitress desperately calling for help as the fight breaks out.

In the unruly crowd you will see a large man wearing dark clothes with a black stocking cap. He is 6”2” and weighs about 350. His blood alcohol was .48 which happens to be six times the legal driving limit.

By the way, they checked his blood alcohol during the autopsy a few hours after the fight. You will hear the gunshots in the background.

The shots came from two policemen who had arrived on the scene in the parking lot. They were forced to make a quick judgment.

Them or him.

They chose him.

Can't say that I blame them either.

Watch video.


Anonymous said...

How can there be a doubt in anyone's mind what needed to be done to protect the innocent. People are just trying to work for a living and they have to fear for their lives and the police rush into these dangerous situations and they are supposed to do what with a drunken out-of-control man with a gun? Why is there even a question much less a protest about what happened. When you choose to do stupid, illegal, and violent acts you risk the consequences. There were people in that restaurant that were risking consequences by just working and doing their job. They have a right to protection, the criminal has forfeited his rights! When are people going to own their mistakes and pay the consequences they brought on themselves. This was a horrifying thing to watch in the comfort of my home but to have to be in the middle of that and then have to go back to work day after day with the possibility that it could happen again is hard to fathom. I support what the police found necessary to do!

Anonymous said...

What a contrast between last week and this week.

Elmer Gantry said...

Reading the title of the post, I thought it would relate directly to the Christian faith, kind of like, "given the choice between Jesus and Barrabas, they chose Him."