Monday, March 02, 2009

The Paradigm Has Shifted

They don’t make undertakers like they used to.

Thank God.

Undertakers are usually portrayed in movies as being the tall man lurking in the shadows wearing the dark suit with tails and the large black top hat.

I’ve never known an undertaker to wear such an outfit. In fact most undertakers I have known wear normal clothes and are actually pretty fun men, so I suppose those guys with the funny hats were from a time long past.

But the undertaker paradigm has shifted.

A lot of undertakers are not men anymore.

As you can see, Tracy and Julie could be professional models. But instead they are professional funeral directors. Since I know them well, I happen to know they are very good at what they do. In fact I’ll put them up against any funeral director anywhere. They have that God given gift to walk families through the darkest days of their lives. They are professional and compassionate. They know the importance of details at a time when details are very important.

Both of these professional ladies know how to be serious. But they also know how to have fun.

And they have brought the funeral hat back.

Like I said, the paradigm has shifted.

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Judy S said...

Love the hats, girls.