Monday, March 09, 2009

Their Own Little World

This Saturday night is a huge night on the Luke and Drew Calendar. In fact, it is the night in which a lot of us have all been waiting for quite some time.

It’s not the biggest night mind you. The biggest night will take place in a few months on September 19, when these two love birds become man and wife. That will be really big.

But this Saturday is huge nonetheless.

Saturday night will be the coming out party for Luke and Drew, the musical duo. They will be releasing their sensational all original CD entitled, “Our Own Little World.”

I don’t know exactly what will take place Saturday night but I can pretty much promise you it will be an entertaining evening. Luke and Drew spent last weekend in Greenwood SC with their record label getting ready for the release party.

Luke and Drew will be performing several songs off their CD. A few of Luke’s characters many of you have come to know and appreciate will also make appearances. I can tell you Tyler Perry hasn’t got one thing on Luke.

Record label, Homemade Genius, will be on hand to introduce Luke and Drew and their marketing plans. Also, a well known band, Standing Small, will be on hand and will perform a full acoustic set from their upcoming album.

In addition to “Our Own Little World,” Luke and Drew will also be offering limited edition “Luke and Drew Owl and Tree Limb” tee shirts for sale as well as Luke and Drew button-pin sets.

If you are within driving distance of Warner Robins GA, it will be worth your effort to show up for this one. You will enjoy great music and more than a few laughs.

And you will not only have the opportunity to be a part of Luke and Drew's own little world, but you may just have the opportunity to be an eye witness to the beginning of something that could be really big.

Saturday March 14
Christian Hope Church
(former Flint Energies building)
1600 Elberta Rd.
Warner Robins, GA

Be sure to check them out at


Anonymous said...

i will be there...


Anonymous said...

I have listened to their songs on their web site several times. They are great. They are also both gorgeous! If I didn't live so far away I would be there. I will be purchasing a CD.

Anonymous said...

I am so disappointed that I will not be there. I have requested 4 CDs. I have listened to several of their songs and they are GREAT!! I know I will miss lots of fun, but I will have my fun when I get there on Sunday. I wish Drew and Luke the very best. I love them both. They make an awesome duo.


Charlie said...

Wishing Luke & Drew much success in their adventure.