Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Let 'em Sing it To Ya

After watching this fun LukeandDrew video below, I am sure every one of you will want to go to their online store and purchase the newly released LukeandDrew CD, "Our Own Little World."

Their music is fun. The lyrics will make you smile.

Disclaimer: All proceeds from the sale of "Our Own Little World" will go to financially help a young couple who is getting married on September 19 of this year.

OK - the young couple getting married is Luke and Drew. And Luke is my youngest son. But they are having the time of their lives.

And what they are doing sure beats government assistance.

So let 'em sing it to ya. You'll be glad you did.

Watch video and then click here to order your CD today!

Let Me Sing It to Ya from Luke and Drew on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

What a talented couple. Love their music.

Gary Goforth M.D. said...

We have some problems viewing video clips in Afghanistan due to filters and slow internet speed, but it looked like the video was filmed in Greenwood, SC at our new Arts Center! I am ready to buy a CD just knowing that Luke and Drew have been in our hometown of Greenwood, SC!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Gary,

Do you know Ian and Sarah Morris? They formed a record label that is partnered with Homemade Genius (the non-profit organization that they run). Drew and I, along with several other bands, artists, etc have signed to the label. We are playing another show in Greenwood on May 2nd! Wish you could be there!!

We'd love it if you bought a CD!


-Luke Goddard

Gary Goforth M.D. said...


I know Ian and Sarah Morris very well. They are working with Community Initiatives, Inc., an organization devoted to serving the less fortunate in the Greenwood area. I am the Chairman of the Board for Community Initiatives Inc. and have really appreciated all that they have done for our children! We return to Greenwood on June 16th, and hope we can hear you play live sometime. In the meantime, we will buy the CD!

Anonymous said...

Ya'll are so creative. I loved it and am waiting for another one. Enjoy all the fun you are having. I am about to visit the online store.