Sunday, April 26, 2009

Real Proud

Last Friday afternoon I left my office early and headed over to Wesleyan College in Macon to attend a Phi Kappa Phi induction ceremony.

It was not just any ole induction ceremony either. Drew Watkins (shown here with her mom) was being inducted in this elite honor society. The membership is by invitation only to the upper 7.5 percent of last-term juniors (which applies to Drew) and the upper 10 percent of seniors.

Drew has made an A in every single course she has taken since she has been enrolled in college. I don’t think she had any trouble making the top 7.5 percent.

It should be noted that Drew never attended a public or private school in her life until she entered Wesleyan. She was homeschooled by her mom. I couldn’t help but notice that Drew’s mom, Melanie, had a tear in her eye as she watched Drew receive this honor.

That would be a tear of pride – not sadness.

I didn’t ask but I’m sure a few times during Drew’s first 12 years of education, Drew’s parents took some criticism for homeschooling their daughter. I’m sure they were told Drew would miss interaction with other kids and would end up lacking in social skills. And she would be behind academically when she went to college.

Well, she obviously is not behind in college. I also happen to know she has more social skills of any 20 year old I have ever known. And she can talk intelligently about any subject you can name. She studied dance and I have seen her perform on stage doing ballet, tap and modern dance. (She even taught me how to do the electric slide a few years ago – which may be her greatest accomplishment). Drew is also an accomplished pianist.

For all those folks out there who say homeschooling does not work – Drew Watkins is proof it can work. In fact in can work beyond one's wildest dreams.

Somehow by the goodness and grace of God this incredible young lady will become my daughter in law in less than five months.

I’m proud Mark and Melanie didn’t listen to the folks who said it wouldn’t work.

Real proud.


Anonymous said...

I'm proud of my Drew-Drew too. REAL PROUD !!!

Anonymous said...

what type of degree is she pursuing?

Anonymous said...

The mother is very pretty. Your son is making a wise choice.