Friday, April 03, 2009

We Need More Tyler Stovalls

My little article I wrote on Tyler Stovall the other day has resulted in much more information. Tyler’s sister, Katie, saw the blog and helped me out.

Just in case you didn’t read the comments that were added from the original blog, I will sum up some of the things I have learned about the incredible Tyler Stovall with 13 rather simple comments.

1. Tyler’s excels in much more than baseball.

2. Last year he had signed more than 10,000 autographs for young kids. I don’t know how many he is up to now. His jersey number throughout his career has always been #13. He always signs his name and under it writes Phillipians 4:13. That’s 10,000 4:13’s. He never included what that verse said because he wanted the kids to go home and look it up. In his honor, I’ll let you do the same here.

3. He also mentions that he wears #13 because there were 12 guys and “one more” in history that are very important to him. He likes for kids to ask him about the “other person.” In case you don’t know about “the other” person, make sure to go to church on Easter Sunday.

4. His dad also wore that number. As did his uncle, cousin, brother and sister Katie.

5. Tyler is a fierce competitor. Although he was playing two sports his senior year in addition to having to do his school work, he somehow edged out his friend and became Valedictorian of his graduating class.

6. Representatives from all thirty major league baseball teams visited Tyler’s home before he graduated from high school.

7. Against everybody’s advice and their concern that he could have an injury and ruin a great career, Tyler opted to play football his senior year anyway. Why? Because his friends were playing and he didn’t want to let the team down.

8. Tyler didn’t play basketball his senior year because that sport overlapped with baseball season. But he was in the stands and even painted his face in Hoke’s Bluff green to cheer for his team.

9. Tyler loves Auburn University (bless his heart) and signed a letter of intent with them to play baseball. Both Auburn and Tyler knew he would not be playing college baseball. He signed with Auburn simply “to show his love for the school.”

10. Although he had absolutely no control on which professional team would draft him, he always dreamed of playing for the Atlanta Braves.

11. Tyler Stovall was the second person drafted by the Atlanta Braves last year.

12. Brian and Holly Stovall are rightfully very proud of their son. Dad says, “Tyler is the most determined human being I have ever met.” Mom says, “I couldn’t have placed an order for a kid and have him come out any better."

That's 12 comments.

And more.

I ordered a pack of autographed “Tyler Stovall” baseball cards from Ebay today because they will be worth something one day. If he ends up in 1A Rome this year, I plan to show up to watch him pitch. And if not, I’ll still be cheering for him all the way to the top. And he will make it to the top of the game of baseball.

In case you are wondering why I am writing all this about someone I never knew even existed until I passed through his home town last week…’s simple.

I believe we need more “Tyler Stovalls” at the top.

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Laurel Lines said...

Tyler is my first cousin. He and I have never been close because there is a considerable age between between us. But I am very proud to call him family. He REALLY is as good a person in real life as he is portrayed here. This boy is a true role model -- not Tiger Woods, Shaq or A-Rod.