Sunday, June 21, 2009

Has Table. Will Travel.

While most of you guys were getting such things as ties or socks or underwear for Father’s Day, my wife was much more creative.

She purchased an “in home Amanda Baker” massage for me.

Amanda Baker, in case you are wondering, is a sweetheart. She is a licensed massage therapist sweetheart. She says she enjoys helping people relax and feel better.

Amanda should be really happy because she sure did help me relax and feel better Saturday night.

Amanda graduated Friday night as Salutatorian of her Massage Therapy school. She told me 140 something people graduated with her. I don’t know who the Valedictorian is but if she can massage better than Amanda I need to meet her.

I really appreciate Amanda coming over with her table and setting it up in our living room and spending a whole therapeutic hour with me. And I appreciate my wife making it all happen (even though she did take a few pictures during the operation).

But just for the record I also appreciate the privilege of being a dad.

Like a whole lot.

We started with three boys. Now we have two daughters in law and another to be added In about three months. And there is a grandbaby girl and another little girl on the way.

I wear several hats. Sometimes I wear more than one before a day is done. And I enjoy them all.

But there is no better fitting one I wear than the one with Dad written on it. The Dad hat just feels right.

And it really feels right when I am the recipient of an Amanda Baker massage as a gift for being a dad.

If you are in the middle Georgia area, contact her at

Has table. Will travel.

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