Monday, July 13, 2009

Abbi's Dad

I don’t know what the rest of you good folks will be doing Saturday afternoon at 4PM EST, but I plan to be in my den tuned in to ESPN watching my high definition plasma television.

Some of you reading this in the Oklahoma City area can do better. You can show up at the finest softball facility in the land at the ASA Hall of Fame complex at 3PM your time and watch in person.

And while you are there introduce yourself to one of the members of Team USA , #11 Brian Rainwater.

Team USA will be competing against Team Canada in what has been called the “Border Battle.” Millions will be tuned in to ESPN to see slow pitch softball played at its highest level.

I’m betting on Brian Rainwater and Team USA.

Brian has several things going for him. For starters, he is an authentic Georgia Bulldog and is a former player for the University of Georgia baseball team. That already makes him in an elite club. But since college he has also played an awful lot of softball in a lot of places and in the process has become one of the elite players in the United States.

Brian, by the way, has a drop dead gorgeous wife who I love almost as much as he does. And to top it all off, he and Natalie have a little girl named Abbi, who is the cutest thing this side of the Mississippi.

Actually Brian, Natalie and Abbi are more than just my friends. They are part of our church home group and we hang out almost every Sunday night.

Every time they ride by a ball field, 5 year old Abbi always makes the comment, “Daddy, that’s where you play ball.”

This Saturday she won’t have to go to a ball field to see him play. Abbi’s dad will be playing on national television representing the Red, White and Blue.

And I don’t know who will be more proud, Natalie or Abbi….

Or me.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Bruce!!! Good blog. I like it when you write about our Small Group chillun'.
Love that family!!

Natalie said...

Thanks for blogging about this, Bruce. You are so sweet. Brian left today for OKC and was really excited. I am pretty proud of him myself. :) Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Aaron and I will be watching it, too! :)