Thursday, December 10, 2009



We are now ready to begin receiving pre-orders for my new book, “The Legacy of Eulan Brown.” Several local folks have asked me if they should order online or if they will be able to purchase it locally from me.

If you want the book for a Christmas gift, the safest way is to order online.

We have been given a date from the printer that we will receive a limited number of copies of the book on December 18th. They will be shipped to the publisher in Atlanta. My plan is to be there with pen in hand to sign copies for those who have pre-ordered and get them mailed out immediately. If the books arrive on the 18th, and we have been told they will, you will receive them by Christmas. The people who have pre-ordered will be my first priority.

We are expecting the remainder of the books to be received within the next week of the first shipment. We are not sure we will receive those books in time for Christmas.

I have not set up a local book signing yet because of the unknown of 1) how many books I will have available after the pre-orders are filled, and 2) we don’t have an exact date of shipment of the remainder of the books.

So that is the latest.

The book is in hardback and you can pre-order at If you don’t feel comfortable ordering online, there is information there about other options.

The following is a power point I put together for a recent presentation that shows the lessons of Eulan Brown with a sampling of stories you will find in the book that illustrate those lessons.

Merry Christmas!