Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Thanks for the Feedback

I thought it would be good to give you an update on what’s happening with the new book, The Legacy of Eulan Brown, and share some of the feedback.

For starters, the new book has been ranked in the top ten books of 2009 in Houston Home Journal Columnist Larry Walker’s annual book review. Mr. Walker is a Perry GA lawyer and former long time state representative who also happens to be an avid reader. He writes a weekly column for the Houston Home Journal and once a year he does a book review column on the books he reads in a year, which I understand is in the neighborhood of 40 books. That article will appear in the Houston Home Journal on Saturday January 9th. Although I have seen the article, I won’t spoil it and post it here before it is published but I will tell you Larry Walker ranked The Legacy of Eulan Brown #2.

I think Eulan Brown would be proud.

I have also received emails and phone calls from friends who have read the book. I know there is a possibility they are just being nice. Who would call or write a friend and tell them they didn’t like their book? But in spite of that possibility, some of the calls and emails have brought tears to my eyes.

I am beginning to see the potential of lessons learned from a Grit newspaper delivery boy illustrated by simple real life stories touching a whole lot of folks all across the country. Yep, that brings tears to my eyes.

"Bruce, thanks so much for the package. we received it in the mail saturday and i could not put it down."

"I'm almost done!! It is absolutely wonderful!! I can't put it down!"

"There sat a man with Cerebral Palsy in a wheelchair. I though 'Great!' sarcastically. As I followed him back to his cubicle, I remembered what you said in your new book about God putting people in our lives, and about peeling back the onion. So I decided to have a better attitude. To make the story short, by the end, he and I were having a good conversation…. I bet most people don't want to even get in the cubicle with him, much less treat him like a human being…. I decided that was a good time to tell him about your book and wrote down the website and my email address. I can see several of your lessons in that encounter. If I hadn't read some of your book the night before, it probably would have turned out much differently. Who knows, maybe I made a new friend."

"I sat down Christmas night and read the whole book. Couldn't put it down. It meant even more to me since I knew so many of the people either personally or through you. I will want to get some additional copies so I will be in touch."

For me it was what I needed to read before Christmas. Before I even opened it up I knew that there were going to be the fond memories of times shared together. I laughed and shed a few tears."

"To all my friends: I just finished an awesome inspirational book I think all of you should check is called The Legacy of Eulan Brown. I thought we had a bad year with my dad's illness & my husband's accident but thank God they are both still here & the lessons that were learned in all of it!! Thanks so much Bruce, I laughed, thought & cried!!"

"As I read through the book, I couldn't wait to email you and tell you about all the wonderful feelings I would get as I read about the many different people you wrote about that touched your life."

"Your book made me laugh, think, and cry. I hope that now, after reading it, I can laugh a little more, think a little more, and cry a little more each day."

"I don't know when I've been so touched as I was the other day when I received my autographed copy of your latest book."

"Just finished your book today and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. I learned so much about you and your family and your great faith and attitude about life."

"Every story I finished, I either was laughing or had tears running down my cheek."

"Just finished your book- and I felt compelled to tell you thanks for sharing your amazing insight with the world. I shed many tears, of regret, and of joy- you have an amazing God-given gift to put into words the stories of your heart."

"What you said about Jessie Mae really literally jumped out and grabbed me by the throat- 'the evidence of love is humility.' It also reminded me of the verse in Micah (6:8)- 'He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.' Thank you again for inspiring a broken, yet redeemed man-there may yet be hope for me..and for those who walk behind us. May we always walk with humility..."

"Really enjoying Bruce's book. Brings back many memories of living in a small town and the people that were important to you."

"WONDERFUL!!!!!! Was given a copy of your new book for Christmas and just wanted you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed. You have such a way with words and can certainly "make me recall" some wonderful memories of growing up in small town Georgia."

"It is a goodie! Gave it to my neighbor after I finished and she has already ordered View from a Hearse to follow up!"

The Legacy of Eulan Brown is available at or can be purchased locally at the following locations:

Taylor County Drugs
Reynolds, GA

Smith Pharmacy
Butler, GA

Avera Drugs
Ft. Valley, GA

Gottwals Books
1806 Russell Parkway
Warner Robins, GA

Gottwals Books
331 GA Hwy 49
Byron, GA

Perry Bookstore
811 Carroll St.
Perry, GA

Golden Bough Books
371 Cotton Ave
Macon, GA


Julie said...

Bruce, you are an inspiration to me. Your book made cry and laugh, but most importantly, your words made me think. I appreciate you taking the time to autograph my copy. I do hope that you will write more books.


Julie Greene

Judy said...

My church is doing a whole church reading/study of One Month To Live--30 days to a No Regrets Life. Your book goes hand in hand with the thoughts and teachings! I love sharing you, your faith, our upbringing, friends,family as we discuss in class and as I talk with friends, family.

Anonymous said...


The Eulan Brown collection of stories was terrific. These are priceless tales well told.

Maybe you'll write some fiction some day after you use up all of the true stuff. Until then, keep them coming.

Hope to see you soon,

Bryant Culpepper

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