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Tweets and Updates - Top 25 in 2010

2010 for me will always be remembered as the year of social media. Facebook and Twitter became a way of life for me in 2010. I have an Ipad, an I Phone 4, Blackberry, IPad, Macbook Air, I Mac and a PC.

I am always connected to cyberspace. It only takes a minute to pull a device out of my pocket and check the latest tweets from my “short list” or the latest updates from my Facebook friends.

Never have I been more in touch with people in my life, past and present, as I was in 2010. Birthdays have taken on a new meaning. A birthday on Facebook is a happening. You get “wall posts” wishing you birthday happiness from folks you haven’t thought about in a while. But you also get to give birthday wishes to people you care about. No way would that happen in this big way in the pre-social medial days.

By the way, if you are not on Facebook you are behind the times and sliding down the slippery slope to be out of touch completely. Once upon a time, there were people who saw no need for electricity. There are over 500 Million active users of Facebook, which was just launched in 2004. That equates to 161% of the entire population of the United States.

Twitter, although a long way from being as large as Facebook, is growing at a rate of 6.2 million users per month or 2 or 3 users per second.

US Postal mail took a backseat to email several years ago. Email has now taken a backseat to social media. Folks on FB and Twitter rarely send personal emails anymore. Real time correspondence is a way of life now.

A month or so ago, my brother and his wife were rear-ended one evening while waiting to turn in their subdivision. Jaye, my sister in law, called her son Mitch on her cell phone a minute or two after they were hit. Mitch “tweeted” that his dad and mom had been in an accident and he was headed to the scene. I saw the tweet and called my brother to see if they were okay. I called him within a few minutes of the accident and I was 100 miles away.

His first comment was, “How in the world did you know this happened?” My answer was simple. The power of social media.

During news breaking events, I turn to Twitter to get real-time insight into what is really going on. Just go to the "Trending Topic" and you hear what everybody is saying about whatever is is going on. And most of the time the news you get is better and faster that the major news outlets.

Social media is definitely powerful. But it is also a lot of fun.

To that end, I thought I would share some of my favorite “tweets” and “status updates” from 2010. Actually the list is from two people. And the tweets and updates come from only the last three months of 2010.

Debi Nagy is a school administrator in Butler, GA , a Facebook friend and a real life friend. Her updates always make me smile and most of the time laugh out loud. (LOL for you non users).

Mitch Goddard is my nephew. Although he is on Facebook as well, the twits he tweets for all his tweeps to enjoy are incredible. He is, what I would call, a master tweeter.

So here it is.

My list of the top 25 updates and top 25 tweets from two of my favorite media socialites - from the last 3 months of 2010.


Debi’s FB Status Updates (Top 25)

25. The bad news...Pretty sure I broke my toe while shopping in Birmingham this afternoon. The good news...Had a great day of shopping with my sister-in law, Fran. Loved ANTHROPOLOGIE. The good news...Bought another pair of boots - The bad news...Left foot is too sore to put them on. The good news...Bought 2 more Christmas presents today. The bad news...spent way too much money. The good news... I have a job.

24. Thought of the day: Just because you're alone in your car does not mean others can't see you picking your nose.

23. A good reason for liking winter...the shoppers at Walmart are covering up more of their bare flesh at this time of year.

22. Dear Santa,

 Stop watching me!!!

21. Dear Santa,

Let's just say mistakes were made...

20. Dear Santa,

You have no proof.

19. Today's weight loss tip: Use generous amount of Superglue as lip gloss.

18. Today I am officially considered to be brunette. See what happens when I get time on my hands?

17. The difference between a fact and an opinion is quite simple. An opinion is what you think, a fact is what I think.

16. I am thankful for my home, my husband, my two wonderful sons, my job, my clothes, and for my 8:30 appointment at the hair salon tomorrow.

15. Did you ever have a day when you just could not stop eating? Well I have three of those days in a row.

14. Today's thought: You know you're getting older when "Happy Hour" is a nap.

13. Today's wisdom...We start in Diapers we end in Diapers... Try not to get too hung up on the crap in the middle...

12. Sometimes the problem is your underwear.

11. Ever notice how many people you meet in a day are either over-medicated or under-medicated? haha

10. The bad thing about staying up late is that I need 4 meals per day instead of only 3. Off to the kitchen....

9.. will never get down to her original weight--I mean 6 pounds 2 oz. just isn't realistic!

8. Home from class. Same poop. Different diaper.

7. Today's cooking tip: Don't cook bacon naked.

6. The best part about Halloween is that people think the screams coming from our house are "part of the fun."

5. Put on your Mr. Rogers sweater, because it's going to be a wonderful day in the neighborhood!

4. wonders why some people spend their life at the complaint department.

3. Was going to the gym but decided to lie down with a package of Pepperidge Farm white chocolate macadamia nut cookies instead. Anyone got a problem with that?

2. Just got back from the gym. Thought I worked my butt off, looked back. Its still there.

1. Today's thought: I signed up for an exercise class and was told to wear loose fitting clothing. If I HAD any loose fitting clothing, I wouldn't have signed up to begin with.

Mitch’s Twitter Tweets for his Tweeps. (Top 25)

25. I’ve had so many save the date magnets on my fridge the last year that a compass doesn't function properly in the kitchen anymore

24. Just ran 5 miles on the treadmill and my mom is now making shrimp and grits..I cant win.. Im more frustrated than an Amish Electrician

23. In Krystals. Only one here. No one else even in parking lot. "Sir don't forget to take your # to the table. Don't want to mix up ur order"??

22. Don't you hate when you butt dial someone you really never meant to call again? you just pray they don’t call back...

21. I know she’s older than me by like 50 yrs but id marry that woman tomorrow..Paula Deen Goddard..sounds good

20. Elizabeth Hurley getting divorced bc of alleged affair with cricket player..btw...where do I sign up for cricket lessons???

19. its been 3 days since Maria Sharapova got engaged..she still hasn't called me to say sorry or give an explanation..maybe today

18. Taking time off for 2 weeks starting next Monday.. That means this week will be busier than a funeral home fan in July

17. I witnessed a grown man at lunch put his cup under each variety of soda at the fountain today mixing it all..I did that at 5..grow up dude

16. Willie Nelson arrested because he possessed marijuana...In other breaking news the male and female anatomies are different

15. Was writing a sympathy card & my words were genius. Then I realized I was writing the lyrics to "hold my hand" by Hootie & the blowfish.

14. Do people with multiple personalities have multiple twitter accounts??...I think someone like that would be interesting to follow...

13. Is there ever a day that mattresses are not on sale?

12. If you are overweight please don't wear tight clothes that are too small for you. Sincerely, Mitchell C. Goddard

11. picking up dry cleaning..I love how the little lady always calls me " midder mitchson"

10. It's so cold in Atlanta that the local flasher was caught "describing" himself to women...

9. Laundry is all fun and games until you throw a $150 sweater in the dryer...I may actually have to consider marriage now..

8. Pulling for utah over Boise state. Have no idea why. I care for neither

7. every group of friends eventually has a Yoko Ono...a gf that breaks up the band..changing your buddy and distancing him from the group

6. "Money doesn't buy happiness? It buys a wave runner. Ever seen a sad person on a wave runner" - Daniel Tosh

5. For the record I suck at bowling but if I was good at bowling I'd be a loser. So catch 22

4. does everyone's office have that one weird person thats just out there?? that everyone talks about?? If you said no you may be that person..

3. Is it bad that I jumped up like I'd won bingo when they called my order number at zaxbys?

2. Just heard an awful husband wife fight at the gas stations...the kids were in the car..even I was embarrassed..reason 7,870 I'm a picky dater

1. I'd like to know the series of events leading up to the first guy discovering cows had milk in them


Anonymous said...

Had no idea my son was so witty! Thanks for posting these!

Philip Hayden said...

I had no ideas that that little neighbor Kid was so funny. Wait a minute, isn' he the same young man who graduated from Ole Miss and is now a responsible adult. Boy---how time flys

Mr. H