Thursday, August 11, 2011

Customer Service

Our land line phone is not working. After running the traps, I decided I better call MCI to talk to someone to get them to fix it.

At least that was my plan.

I called the 800 number and got the dreaded recording. For at least 10 minutes, I listened to a computer voice and did what it told me to do. I punched in account numbers and phone numbers. I said and repeated what they asked me to say to the computer.

Computers are knowledgeable and all but they can be pretty cold.

Finally I got a person on the phone. I’m not sure if he was from China or in China but I am very certain he was not from here.

It was very difficult for him to understand me, bless his heart. And I was having a similar challenge. He asked me questions most of which I had no idea of the question much less the answer. I asked him a few questions that he didn’t seem to know the answer to either.

Finally after about 30 minutes of us talking without a much needed interpreter, he told me he would have a serviceman right out to fix it... absolutely no later than August 17th.

I looked at the calendar on my watch. “Did you just say August 17th? That’s like a week away.”

“Absolutely,” I think he said. He seemed to be very proud of his efficiency and wonderful customer service.

I hung up the phone thinking about the customer service we gave folks at our grocery store in Reynolds when I was growing up. Ladies would call the store and give us their order that could sometimes be 3 or 4 pages long and ask us to charge it to their account. I would get a buggy, fill their order, deliver the groceries to their house and put the cold stuff in the fridge and the frozen stuff in the freezer. Sometimes they would even ask me to open a coca cola for them as they sat in their easy chair watching television.

We didn’t charge extra for that service either. Neither did our competitor.

Talk about the good life.

I’m sure somebody from MCI or their contractor will eventually come out and get our land line phone fixed so we will be able to communicate with the outside world.

In the meantime if you need me, I guess you will have to text me, tweet me or post me up on Facebook.

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