Friday, December 19, 2014

Chris Borders - It Just Doesn't Get Much Better

As you all know by now, I  have always been amazed at the launching pad called Reynolds, GA.  There is a relatively long list of folks who came out of our little town that made a major impact in their world.  Maybe growing up in Reynolds had nothing to do with it.

Or maybe it did.

Either way, Chris Borders is a name that should be on the launching pad list.

Although Chris was born in Perry, he  grew up and spent his formative years in Reynolds where his dad was another executive that Flint EMC brought to Reynolds.  Chris was a few years older than me but I remember him spending many hours on our little 9 Hole Golf Course.

Actually there was a period of time when he was a young teenager that he was pretty much running it.  He was a notch above most of the other golfers in Reynolds and would not hesitate to give us younger kids a lesson or two when he saw an opportunity to help us improve our game.

If there was a nicer guy than Chris Borders hanging out at the Reynolds Golf Course, I am not sure who that would be.

Chris went on to receive a golf scholarship at Mercer University.  He later served as an officer in the US Army in Vietnam.  Along with putting his life on the line for his country, he also had the opportunity to oversee several golf courses in Hawaii and even constructed and operated a driving range in Vietnam.

L-R Bonnie Brannin, John (Butch)Thornton, Chris, Rusty Lane, Grady Trussell
After serving his time in the Army,  Chris served a couple of years as GM at Houston Lake Country Club before heading to Florida State University to further his education.  After graduation, Chris served in various capacities at the Atlanta  Athletic Club where he helped host the 1976 US Open, 1981 PGA Championship, 1982 Junior World Cup and the 1984 US Mid-Amateur Championship.  He later became General Manager at Horseshoe Bend Country Club in Roswell.  After a couple of years there, he came back to Atlanta Athletic Club and was involved in the 1990 US Women's Open, the 2002 U.S. Junior Amateur and the 2001 and 2011 PGA Championships.

When he retired as General Manager of Atlanta Athletic Club in March 2013, he had served 35 years at the club.  One of the highlights of his career was in 1992, when he was named Club Manager of the Year for his professional development and mentoring with the Club Managers Association of America.

In January 2014, Chris was the first club manager ever to be inducted into the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame.  

He was also the only member of the Reynolds Golf Club to be inducted. 

Imagine that.

Despite all his accomplishments in golf and in life, Chris never forgot his roots.  In fact, about a third  of his graduation class from Reynolds High School showed up to celebrate with him at the induction ceremony.   Interestingly, part of that group included his teammates from the  Reynolds High School Golf Team (pictured above).

It just doesn't get much better than that.

Disclaimers:  Much of information for this post came from a post at by Stan Awtrey.  Picture posted of RHS Golf Team came from FB page of Sara Fountain

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