Sunday, September 11, 2016

How I Got So Tall

This morning I told some of my grandchildren how I got so tall.  Although I made it up as I went along, my story had their undivided attention.  So here is my story.

I had a mama named Naia.  When I was a very young boy, she would wake me up for school.  I would always jump right out of bed with a smile on my face and say “I wish you had awakened me earlier” -because I am so excited about getting to school.”

I noticed I started to get taller.

When she served breakfast every morning, I would always eat everything on my plate and tell her the meal was perfect and I would thank her for cooking my breakfast.

I noticed I was getting taller.

As I got older, she told me to be in before the street lights came on.  I would always get home earlier than that and she never had to worry about where I was.

I kept getting taller.

I was always extremely thankful for everything my Mama did for me and told her every single day how grateful I was for all she did for me.

And I kept getting taller.

I made my bed every morning and always enjoyed doing it – even before my mama asked me to do it.  And I always kept my room very clean and never left clothes lying around.

I kept getting taller.

I was always perfectly obedient.  Whatever my mama asked me to do, it did it with a smile on my face.

And I kept getting taller.  In fact, one day I looked in the mirror and noticed I was looking at my chest.  I had outgrown my mirror.

I finally graduated from high school and went to college.  I no longer had my mama with me all the time to do things for me.  I no longer had my mama to thank every day for all she did.

All of a sudden, I noticed I had stopped getting taller.  I never grew any taller after that. 

The moral of the story is - you will only grow taller when you are living with your mama and being obedient. 

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