Sunday, May 13, 2007

Incredible Mom

There is absolutely no doubt about it. The guys pictured here absolutely adore their mom.

It started almost 30 years ago at the Reynolds Baptist Church. We got married there on July 3, 1977. About two and a half years later our first baby was born. Kathy transitioned in an instant from a young bride to a young mom. About a year and a half later our second baby was born. These two were not twins but they were not far from it. And they were a full time job and a major hand full. They were such a hand full that Kathy quit her job as a schoolteacher to watch after them and chase after them.

We waited over five years to have another one. After that I suppose we would have kept making them but the doctor told Kathy she needed to have the oven removed. So we quit having babies. But this mom ended up with three rambunctious boys.

And they all were here this weekend with their gorgeous ladies (and our beautful granddaughter) to celebrate Mother’s Day with their mom. And it was very good.

If there has ever been a mom more patient that this one I haven’t met her. If there has ever been a mom more selfless than this one, I haven’t met her either. You can take it from someone who knows a little about moms. I had an amazing one myself. This mom has been nothing short of incredible.

And I’ve had the privilege to watch her from a very close vantage point.

There were a lot of boo boos and band-aids along the way. And even a few broken bones. There were tons of loads of dirty clothes that had to be washed, ironed, folded and put up again. And no telling how many lunches, suppers and breakfasts’ cooked over the years. There have been more than a few sore throats, bad colds, high fevers that this mom had to nurse in the middle of some very long nights. And there were many times when she had to say no when they wanted her to say yes.

And there were always extras hanging around the house. Boys will bring other boys home. And that brought on a little more work for this mom. But she will tell you it was worth it all.

And as they got older there were a few sleepless nights for this mom. And more than a few sighs of relief late at night when she saw the car lights turn in the driveway. As with any journey there have been some bumps in the road. And some detours.

And I have often wondered where these boys would have ended up if they didn’t have this mom on her knees praying for them at every turn. I have also wondered where I would have ended up if not for my praying mom. There is just something about a praying mom. And there is just something about the love a son has for his praying mom.

And there is just something special when they all show up to honor their mom on Mother’s Day. It makes their mom very proud. And it makes this dad just as proud.

My boys really do have an incredible mom. And I am glad they were here this weekend to tell her just how incredible she is.

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Anonymous said...

I do love my mama....thank-you so much for eveything you do for me