Saturday, May 12, 2007

I Think I'm in Love

I always bought my nails at J.C. Hinton & Son. They had a bin in the back with every size nail you could imagine. You just grab a handful, put them on the scales and you got a price. But J.C. Hinton sold a lot more stuff than nails. Neil Jr. and Kim could have never made a living just selling nails.

That is why I was surprised when I saw so many nail stores in Warner Robins when we moved here. They seem to be in every shopping center. I couldn’t figure out how in the world they made a living just selling nails.

While my wife and I were eating dinner last night at a local restaurant, we were complaining about how bad our feet were hurting. Fridays can do that to you after a long week. I told her I would be willing to pay someone to rub my feet. She suggested we go do just that. As soon as we finished dinner we headed straight to the Eagle Nail Store. I quickly found out I had the wrong impression about nail stores in Warner Robins.

I am writing this down so the moment is recorded forever. It happened on Friday May 11, 2007. I had my first pedicure. And I will rank it right up there with my honeymoon night and the Braves winning the World Series. My new best friend rubbed and pampered my feet for about 30 minutes. I found out Amy is originally from Viet Nam and has lived in the US for about 15 years. She speaks broken English but every now and then she cut loose with a very fast foreign tongue and I had no idea what she was saying. And to tell you the truth I didn’t care. I started liking her when she put my aching feet in the hot water. I was trying to be still when she was tickling my feet with the SOS pads. But when she started rubbing my feet and legs I started getting emotionally attached. Amy told me I have beautiful feet. I asked her where she had been all my life.

I did look around and couldn’t help but notice I was the only male in the nail store. There were a couple of male rubbers (males who rub feet) working but only females in the chairs with the exception of me. I suppose Friday is Ladies Night at the Nail Store. Or maybe not many guys go for this type of thing. I can tell you one thing for absolute certain. I do go for this type of thing. I didn’t know it until last night but I know it now.

I will be back and back again. After searching for her all my life, I have finally found Amy – my own personal foot trainer.

I think I’m in love.


Il grande chef said...

Your blog is very interesting.

Anonymous said...

That would of been a rough time for the dreaded I.B.S. to kick in.

judy said...

Pedicures are great. My hubby and I got a pedicure together a few weeks ago. It took me a long time to convinence him that he would love it and he said that he wouldn't be waiting another 57 years to get another pedicure.