Thursday, May 10, 2007

It Just Ain't Gonna Happen

I left the office at 6:30PM today. Just for the fun of it I just figured how many hours I have put in this week. Not that it matters but it adds to 52 and I have another day tomorrow. And then I have a speaking engagement at a Mother’s day luncheon on Saturday. Somehow I have included a little “margin” time and written a blog every night this week. I’m also reading a book. I read after I get in bed and before I turn out the light. Sometimes the reading doesn’t last long.

But sometimes I wonder if the people reading this blog think that I spend a lot of time writing this blog. The truth is I don’t have a lot of time to write a blog. As I have mentioned I just write whatever happens to be on my mind. And that really doesn’t take long.

Believe me I am not complaining. I love what I do and it is a privilege to be able to do it. And maybe I’m fooling myself but most days I think I’m making a difference. I wrote yesterday about my father in law who died without notice when he was almost 4 years younger than I am now. The obituaries are full of people my age in newspapers all over the country every day. I have a friend who is in a hospital this week not sure of what the future holds. I am a blessed man and believe me I recognize it. And I thank God every day.

But I really do want to take advantage of every moment because I am keenly aware it all can change without warning. I work hard to make a living but I also work hard to connect with people wherever I am. I have discovered that people are basically the same no matter where you are.

Last night John Hasty (co-worker) and I worked on a project in the lobby of a Hampton Inn. This photo was taken about 11:30PM. You can look at him and his shirttail and know it had been a long day. You can’t see it in this picture but there is a flat screen TV on the wall where we were sitting. As we were working, we were joined by a man in a tee shirt and one of the clerks of the hotel. We had some family time with a couple of complete strangers as we watched the last few minutes of American Idol. From the conversation we were having discussing the possible outcome, you would have thought we all had known these folks all our lives. We were arguing about who we thought would be voted off the show. After the show ended, they left and the chances are real good we will never see them again.

But for one brief moment we were all friends.

Tonight I am thankful for my health and the opportunity I have been given. And I am thankful I am busier than I have ever been in my life. But I refuse to get so busy in my attempt to win the prize that I miss the journey along the way.

It just ain’t gonna happen.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me to stop and smell the roses!