Monday, July 09, 2007

Red Eye

My youngest son Luke and his friend Cole took a trip last week. Thank God they made it back. I have to admit I was worried a little bit about it. These two 21 year olds didn’t take a normal trip to the beach. They flew to Los Angeles, rented a car and hung out in Hollywood for a week. Driving in Los Angeles Is not quite like driving in Reynolds or even Warner Robins so we were fasting and praying while they were gone. Not really but I sure thought about it.

My wife and I sat in the den last night and were almost in tears laughing as Luke began telling us stories of their trip. Luke explained they didn’t understand what validated parking meant. They pulled in a parking lot to eat at a fancy restaurant (looking for stars) and the attendant told them the parking fee was $45 but if validated it was $4.50. Since they didn’t know what that meant they parked about two miles away and walked back up to the famous restaurant. After they paid for the meal the waiter asked them if they wanted him to validate their parking ticket. They didn’t have one.

They got a picture of Cole hanging from a tree somewhere behind Jay Leno’s house. It is a wonder they were not shot. Luke and Cole were eating in a restaurant where the stars supposedly hang out when they saw Denise Richards on the sidewalk. They ran out and took her picture and told her how beautiful her baby was. I don’t know if it is really her or not but it sure looks like her. Luke insists it was her.

They had had my GPS thingy with them and used it to type in the addresses of famous people and famous houses and the device directed them wherever they wanted to go. At one point they found themselves in Steven Spielberg’s driveway and couldn’t get past the gate. Steven himself drove up behind them and Steven had to back all the way down the driveway in his Bentley to let them out. And he was actually nice to them in the process.

And the stories went on and on. Two young men who had never been on such a trip had a blast and I have no doubt it was one of those trips they will remember for the rest of their lives.

They stayed with some friends of ours in a suburb of Los Angeles. I haven’t talked to Kim and Cam yet but I’m afraid Luke and Cole’s visit was something they will never forget either. These two guys are really characters and there is no telling what Kim and Cam had to do to accommodate them.

They flew the red eye out and back and I will admit I tracked the plane at going and coming to be sure it landed safely. I don’t know what good that did. But I do know I didn’t get much sleep at all while they were traveling.

That means I had the red eye at home while they took the red eye to LA and back.

I guess that’s what daddy’s are for.


Anonymous said...

Who is Denise Richards?

Anonymous said...

That was my thought too -- I don't know who Denise Richards is. I must really be out of it!

Judy said...

Make that three. Who is she?
I sounds like the guys had a great time. Oh, to be young again.

Luke Goddard said...

Denise Richards was a popular model/actress in the early 90s. She's been married to Charlie Sheen for years until their recent divorce. If Daddy would have showed ya'll the better picture, you could easily tell it was her. If you google her for images, alot of her model pics come up from when she was alot younger. She must be in her upper 30s now. Anyways, there's no question it was her...believe me, I asked her a hundred questions....haha!

Luke Goddard said...

PS: If you would like to see my pics, below you will find three links:

Googled (*Recent)picture of Denise Richards:

Luke's LA album (Part 1):

Luke's LA album (Part 2):

Anonymous said...

I've talked to Kim by way of email and believe me they won't be the same either. But they had fun. They both had good things to say about Luke and Cole. Must say that makes a Mama proud.
One thing out of this trip is that Luke likes organic food and wants me to start cooking all this organic stuff......Guess there goes the georgia fried chicken.
Bruce when you get home Thursday we will have an organic dish.......just warning ya.

Kathy G

Anonymous said...

In her 30's, that is old. You boys should have been seeing more interesting things like the old set of The Andy Griffith Show, or where they filmed Gomer Pyle USMC