Friday, July 20, 2007

Who Knows?

The week of leisure is about to come abruptly to an end. I could get used to hanging around swimming pools and beaches and beautiful golf courses. I could also get used to waking up every morning getting to play with my little granddaughter. I realize I am very biased but my goodness this little girl is cute. I know her other grandparents are just as ready to see her as much as we hated to see her go. She will definitely have some folks waiting to see her when she gets home. I took this picture of little Taylor just before she and her mom and dad left this morning to head back to the grind of real life.

David and Holly left earlier in the week. Luke and his gal Drew are with her family at St Simons this week. Kathy and I will leave in the morning for Amelia Island where I have a speaking engagement on Saturday night. Then, the good Lord willing, we will be heading home on Sunday morning. And life will continue.

One of the neat things about hanging around the same resort swimming pool every day is you get to meet some neat folks. I remember in years gone by we would meet interesting people while on vacation and when we left we would never hear from the interesting folks again. Now with the power of the internet we can easily keep in touch with folks and even record our meeting forever on a blog. Pretty neat stuff.

With that said, let me introduce you to Joe and Sara from Knoxville TN. I discovered that Joe and Sara met at Campbellsville University in Kentucky. Joe is an Accountant and Sara is a first grade teacher at a private Christian School This good looking young couple have been married a couple of years and are expecting their first child In January. Sara quickly figured that next summer their little one will be the same age Taylor is this year. Tami and Sara had several girl talk conversations about labor and delivery. We also discovered that Sara’s Joe and John's Tami were born the same day. Joe and Sara were vacationing with Sara’s mom and dad, Earl and Roxie. This afternoon, Roxie had begun reading View from a Hearse. I’m afraid Roxie will soon know more about me than she ever meant to know.

As I have said so many times before the world is full of very neat folks. We sure met some of them this week. Hopefully in about six months I will post a picture here of their little one.

Staying connected really is easy these days.

Who knows? Maybe one of these days we will see each other with our clothes on.


Anonymous said...

I don't see how this beautiful child could be related to you.

fran said...

Hi Bruce!!
This is Sara and her bestfriend Frances. We are just checking out your blog. Thanks for putting the picture on the blog. I've started reading your book and it is very funny. Mom has already read the entire book. We really enjoyed meeting your family! Tell Tami, John, Taylor & Kathy hello from Knoxville!!
Sara and Frances
Check out Jack and Jake's blog....

Anonymous said...

Hi Sara... email me at and I will send Kathy's and Tami's email address to you. It really was fun meeting y'all... Now, you must stay in touch. - Bruce