Thursday, July 19, 2007

Way Too Much

(Hilton Head SC) A couple of nights ago we had only a couple of items on our agenda as we continued our week of vacation. The first was to eat at a BBQ restaurant named Sticky Fingers. The second was to visit and browse the local Barnes and Noble bookstore. Not a bad idea for a leisurely night at the beach.

Unless, that is, you happen to suffer from IBS. Next time I think I should visit the bookstore first. It’s just too long of a drive from Sticky Fingers to Barnes & Nobles at Hilton Head. And, as you can see here, the speed of that drive can tend to scare your passengers.

I have eaten at another Sticky Fingers before and had no problems so I am certainly not blaming my dash through the Barnes & Nobles on Sticky’s delicious BBQ. But I can tell you I made quite a splash as startled book browsing vacationers got out of my way as I literally ran through the store desperately seeking the men’s room.

And although I did eat plenty of the BBQ, the sad thing is I never did get to browse through the books. After all that it was time to leave. I was thinking I would probably be asked to leave.

Some of you folks reading this know exactly what I am talking about. The rest of you think people like me are being rude when we run through public stores. Trust me it has nothing to do with rudeness. The options are running out quickly when an IBS’er gets to the running stage.

Several weeks ago I wrote an article about my IBS troubles. A marketing person with Proctor & Gamble read it and asked me to participate in a pilot program for a new product they have called Align. They sent me two months supply and asked that I take a pill once a day and the only stipulation is I write a blog about it when I am finished which I will most definitely do. Truthfully I think Proctor & Gamble is on to something because I have had very few episodes since I started taking it.

But I think the mixture of a week of hot sun, seafood, Sticky Fingers and the lure of a Barnes & Nobles was just too much.

Way too much.


Anonymous said...

was that picture John or Rusty?

Anonymous said...

Did you make it to the little boys room?

Anonymous said...

He did but it was close......I know....I was there!!

Anonymous said...

The picture of John--was this taken when he walked in the bathroom after you at Barnes & Noble?

Anonymous said...