Wednesday, August 08, 2007

No Way Bonds

I got an email late last night from my son that Steroid Bonds had hit a homerun that some will acknowledge as being a record breaker.

This blogger will never acknowledge it. For me there won’t even be an asterisk by his name. His name won’t be on my list. Hank Aaron is the all time homerun king until someone legitimately breaks it. He did it the right way. He did it with class and integrity. And one of the highlights of my life was being in the stands on that cool April night in 1974 at Atlanta Fulton County Stadium when Hammerin’ Hank surpassed the Babe’s record.

Some people are unsure if Bad Bonds used steroids. When a shoe size increases from a 10 ½ to 13 and your jersey size increases from 46 -54 and your cap size increases an inch, you could safely say he is using something.

A friend of mine was nice enough to send me a picture of Bond’s rookie baseball card. I’ll let you be the judge of the steroid thing.

Aaron is the homerun king. No way Bonds.


Anonymous said...

Great pic of a young Barry.

Lori said...

Great Blog! I'm not sure if you remember me...Lori Dutton Parker, Dutton Funeral Home, Iowa Park, Texas....I really enjoyed reading your blog! Lynn has one need to visit will absolutely die laughing if you start at his oldest post and come forward! There is a link on my blog to his ---Lynnie Pooh ----(that's what I called him when he was a little boy, everyone always ask). Anyway...I liked you book, also! said...

Hey Bruce! I agree whole heartedly. Hank is and will always be the HR king in my book! LOVE THE ROOKIE CARD!!!

Susan said...

Cheers to the ONE AND ONLY homerun king...Hank Aaron!

s. spinks