Friday, August 31, 2007

Tito and the Gun Show

The power or the internet is amazing. I read an article in the Macon Telegraph this morning that made me smile. Andrew Hall and Tyler Crawford, students at Auburn University, will be performing in the plaza at Turner Field tonight. And the song these two guys wrote and performed and posted to You Tube will be shown on the big jumbo screen at future Braves games.

These two avid Braves fans say they were just fooling around the night baseball superstar Mark Tiexeira arrived in the Braves dugout in the middle of a game on July31 after the Braves had traded for him. They say they were inspired. So they took about 30 minutes and wrote a quick song, recorded it, put it on their “Facebook” page and eventually uploaded it to You Tube. And 170,000 hits later, they will perform live at Turner Field tonight. And the 170,000 hits are about to grow in exponential fashion. And so will their notoriety.
Hall and Crawford who now call themselves “Tito and the Gun Show” are funny and have some talent to go with it. And they made me smile this Friday morning as I watched these two guys perform on their sofa in the apartment at Auburn.

And I think Tito and the Gun Show will make you smile as well. Our world may be better off than we think in 30 years when guys like Hall and Crawford are in charge. More power to 'em!


Anonymous said...

They have performed once already in the booth with Sciambi and Joe Simpson. The Braves have already made a commercial out of it and they show it every ball game. I can't wait to see them tonight.

PS: The story behind it is Teixeira saw it on YouTube and got a kick out of it and sent them tickets to a game and allowed them to meet him and some others.

Anonymous said...

Daddy, go visit their website: Go to the audio/video section and you can see where they performed live in the Braves LIVE! booth with Jerome Jerinavich...I think that's what the previous post is talking about.


Anonymous said...

Love that college apartment furniture.

Anonymous said...

I think you have found the next "American Idol"


Anonymous said...

These men are my HEROES!

feri ferdian said...

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