Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Way We Handle the Moment

(Warner Robins, GA) It was a rainy day in Georgia today. And there were tears along with the rain. Events honoring twelve year old boys will do that to you.

The first event was a parade and a thundering rally held in the civic center here honoring a group of 12 year old kids who just brought home a world championship to this middle Georgia town. As my wife and I sat among a large crowd of supporters today, I fought tears and shed others as I watched the videos and listened to the speeches honoring this incredible group of kids. They went to Williamsport to play a game. In the end they were winners of the game but in winning the game they gave the whole world a lesson about life we won’t forget anytime soon. In an incredible act of sportsmanship as the whole world watched, these 12 year old boys suddenly stopped their celebration to console the Japanese boys who had just lost the game.

I learned we all can learn a lot from 12 year old kids. And although I really know none of these kids personally, I felt the need to take a few hours on this Saturday to participate in the celebration that was held to honor them.

I came home from that very emotional event to change clothes and head to another very emotional event at my church that was being held in honor of another 12 year old boy. I had never met this kid either but I felt the urge to attend his funeral. And I shed more tears as I listened to a heart broken dad talk about his beloved son and incredibly thank God he had him for 12 years...instead of 12 days... or even 12 hours.

I was reminded again today that life really is a journey that is made up of moments. Sometimes the moment can be so exhilarating you can hardly grasp it. Other times the moment can be so painful you can hardly get your breath.

I was also reminded that it is not the moment that defines us. But it is the way we handle the moment.

I saw champions on both ends of the spectrum today.

And I was moved to tears by both.

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GOD bless YOU, my friend.