Thursday, September 06, 2007


Just in case you are wondering what happened to me - my computer crashed. It's kinda hard to write a blog with a computer that keeps hanging up.

I thoroughly enjoyed talking to the computer folks in India although I never understood a word they said. But I have now replaced my hard-drive so I am just about back to normal.

I thought I had saved all my files but I have since discovered I have lost my personal email addresses and the tons of emails I had saved. If you are somebody who exchanges personal emails with me, please send me an email so I can save your address in my address book.

Thank you.

Talk to you soon.


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Never done that before, right? RRU

KAT said...

Mr. Goddard:

If you still have the old hard drive (unless tech support had you erase it or send it back) you can probably insert the drive into your computer as a slave drive or use a special USB attachment to connect the drive externally.

This link has the locations your emails and contacts might be on the old drive:

I back up to a second smaller working hard drive in my machine and back up to CD every few months. A good backup program will automate the process.

Anonymous said...

Kat was kinda getting me blushing with all that computer lingo.