Tuesday, September 04, 2007

For Ladies Only

Just for the record I have spoken to ladies groups many times. In fact I spoke to a high school reunion luncheon a few weekends ago for ladies only. I don’t know what it is but I like the idea of being the only man in the room. I get all kinds of attention from the opposite sex. There are no other men to compete with at such events. It’s just them and me.

Actually this one will be a little different. The event is called the Hope Giver’s Enrichment Seminar and it is open to ladies everywhere – including my readers in the blogosphere. My job will be to give a little hope and a little enrichment I suppose. And it will be different because I will be going back to the county from whence I came. The Good Book tells me that a prophet is without honor in his own county. Since I definitely ain’t a prophet, I should have no trouble at all. But I do realize there will be several (if not many) in this group who know me pretty well and they won’t be impressed at all at my appearing. I kinda like that too.

I will be doing three sessions so the ladies in attendance will have heard all I know by the time I’m done. The first session will be called Lighten Up! My goal in that session will be to hear a bunch of ladies laugh. If they don’t, they will have missed a good opportunity. Laughter is like medicine and I plan on giving out a dose or two of it.

The second session will be entitled, It’s All Good.” Since I have watched people most of my life (from a close vantage point) go through the most difficult things life throws at them and have gone through some of my own, I think I qualify to share a few lessons about the potholes in this journey we call life. We all experience pain and heartache in all kinds of different ways. I plan to share some Biblical principles about what to do when you are in the middle of it and how it all fits in the big scheme of things. If you are going through a difficult time, maybe you are reading this blog for a reason.

The last session will be about the Greatest Investments we will ever make. I’ve lived long enough and buried enough people to know we can’t take with us any of the things we spend so much time worrying about. The cars and houses and boats and houses and jobs and positions and the money in the bank are all nice but very temporary. We CAN however take people with us. And we can also leave a piece of us with those we have the privilege to meet along the way. But to do that we have to be willing to engage people and invest in them. I look forward to sharing my story and sharing a bit about what I have learned about the engagement and investment in people.

So here is the deal. Hope Givers Enrichment Seminar. Bethel Congregational Methodist Church. Butler Georgia. Saturday September 15. Continental breakfast begins at 8AM. There will be music and door prizes and lunch as well. We should be done by 2PM. The cover charge is $25 if you register in advance ($30 after Sept 10). You can call 478-862-3007 to register or email susan@bethelcmchurch.org.

For Ladies Only.

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...Maggie T. said...

We can't wait for you to speak at Bethel for Hope Givers. It is going to be an exciting day. Thanks for the great blog.