Saturday, September 29, 2007

A World Class Day

(Macon, GA) I thought I had spoken to every group imaginable. I’ve been the keynote speaker at Banker’s conventions, Surveyor’s Conventions, College President Associations, Farmer’s Conferences, Women’s Conferences, Kiwanis Conventions, Key Club Conventions, Undertakers Conventions, Preachers Conferences, and even one Gynecology Conference. And trust me - I could go on and on with that list. But when I was waiting back stage to be introduced to about 500 folks (mostly ladies) today at the Red Haute’ Fashion Show at the City Auditorium, it dawned on me this was my first fashion show.

It was also apparent to me as I was waiting backstage that I was surrounded by about 25 of the most gorgeous women in the world. I’m not talking about just cute either. I’m talking about world class models. I’m talking about drop dead gorgeous. I suppose describing someone as “drop dead” gorgeous is an undertaker’s term. The only problem was I did not have my camera with me backstage so I could prove I was there. But I was - if only for one brief shining moment.

This annual event is sponsored by (among others) the Medical Center of Central Georgia. And with the exception of the speaker it was a world class event. It was very high energy with great music and I can tell you those gals and a few guys pranced down that long runway with an attitude. There were also a few local male television personalities who pranced with them. The crowd loved the local celebrities and they “hammed” it up a bit to add to the excitement. It was quite a show.

As I was signing books afterwards, a gentleman came up to me and told me he was with a lady who is a Russian dignitary who is visiting the City of Macon on business. Her name is Zoya Petrova and she is a chief specialist from the Ulyanovask Department of Education. Ulyanovsk is one of Macon's sister cities, located about 550 miles from Moscow. Anyway, the gentleman explained to me that Ms. Petrova very much enjoyed my speech and commented that it was the best speech she had ever heard. That obviously got my attention so I got up to meet her and to get my picture with her to capture the moment. He went on to explain that she had an interpreter with her who translated my speech while I was speaking. She told him that the observations I made about life are just as true in Russia as they are in the United States.

I think the world is much smaller than we think.

On the way home I couldn’t help but laugh. Can you imagine the job the foreign interpreter had translating my southern humor with my southern accent for a dignitary from Russia? Sometimes I can’t even translate what I am saying myself.

All I can say is not only was I surrounded by world class models today, there was also a world class interpreter in the audience.

And to top it all off the event was for a world class cause. The sea of red at the city auditorium was more than a fashion statement. It was a red flag warning to women of all ages that heart disease can be prevented with a little education.

Definitely a world class day.

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Anonymous said...

I laughed when I read about the interpreter. I can just picture him translating some of your stories...I wish I could have seen the look on the Russian woman's face...