Monday, October 01, 2007

Doesn't Get Any Better

(Atlanta) I’m in town tonight for a meeting and met my son and his bride for dinner at my favorite restaurant. The restaurant with food as good as I have ever eaten and service that always exceeds my expectations.

Except tonight.

Let me just say I made a very quick trip back to the hotel tonight. I never had the Hawaiian Ribeye before. Please remind me to never order that again. When you drive up at valet parking at a Marriott and throw the keys to the bellman and start running you know you should never order that again when you are out in public. Good lord that can be embarrassing.

On top of that the service was not even close to what I have come to expect at this restaurant. We all agreed that the waiter lied to us when he explained that the reason it took 20 minutes to get the Key Lime Pie we ordered was because it was fresh and he needed another 5-7 minutes before it was ready. Yeah right. I was reminded that a restaurant is only as good as the last time you were served.

But although the service was not good and the food almost resulted in me causing a major scene in a very nice hotel, it was still worth it all.

The conversation and the laughs and the visit with two folks I love as much as one can love made the night a very good one.

In fact at this point in my life it just doesn’t get any better.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you were doing the hula hula

Anonymous said...

As a server at this particular restaurant in a different state(names are left out to protect the innocent!), let me first apologize for the service that you were given.

As for the food, we all know that you, Uncle Bruce have always got your running shoes ready no matter what you eat! :)

And while yes, "a restaurant is only as good as the last time you were served" please don't forget all the MANY times of terrific food, fantastic service and wonderful fun that you have had here many times before.

Don't let ONE server's bad night ruin your entire perspective of this place!