Friday, October 26, 2007

Greetings From Cabo

Time has passed way too quickly here. We have one more full day and will leave hotel at 4:30AM Sunday to start back home.

I have been involved in business meetings here but have also managed to get in a round of golf at one of the most beautiful settings imaginable overlooking the Sea of Cortez. In other words for you golfers - I had a hard time keeping my head down. While I was doing that Kathy went snorkeling with friends and saw all kinds of beautiful fish.

We also managed to spend a couple of hours lounging around the pool today before taking a ride into town to check out a real Mexican town and have dinner at a great restaurant called Tropicana. Just incredibly awesome.

Tomorrow morning we have a massage scheduled and then we'll hang out at the pool and enjoy this gorgeous weather and breathtaking beauty. We have dinner scheduled with some co-workers tomorrow night at a world class restaurant.

Here are a few pictures.

This is a picture at sundown taken from the balcony of our room.

Group dinner on the terrace. Full moon and perfect weather overlooking the ocean.

I took this picture standing at the end of one of the swimming pools at the resort with the ocean in full view. About as gorgeous as it gets.

We went to town and walked in and out of the stores. This sombrero didn't fit too well but I modeled it anyway.

Dinner at Tropicana's with the Coiles tonight in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico


Ken&kikky Williams said...

It looks gorgeous!! Wish we were there, too!!! Have fun!!

Anonymous said...

Dang, the pool looked awesome. I've never seen a pool that big...maybe it just looked that way from the angle of the picture.

PS: check your email about funeral arrangements for Jessie.


Drew said...

It looks like ya'll are having such a good time! I can't wait till ya'll get home and can tell us all about it! :)

Tami G. said...

Pics are beautiful! I'm so glad ya'll are having fun. Taylor misses you both. She has three teeth coming in right now. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Ya'll look so rested. I know you had a wonderful time. I only wish Jim and I were there with you. You both deserved this wonderful and restful time. I can't wait to hear all about it.

Anonymous said...

We really enjoyed our time with you and Kathy last week.

Michael, Tracy, and Trey