Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hasta Luego

I started this day in Atlanta at the Westin at the airport. I left a meeting mid morning to tend to some business at my office in Macon. When I walked out the door of my office mid afternoon, I realized I had locked the door with my keys to my car and the office in the office.

I caught a ride with a very nice gentleman who has an office next to me down to the landlord to get a key. Luckily, within a few minutes I was on the road headed to Warner Robins to pick up my wife and pack my stuff so we could head back to the Westin for an early flight in the morning (Wednesday).

While I was waiting for her to get home, I decided to run a few errands. When I stopped to get gas a guy fell down right in front of me and had a seizure. Someone called 911 and I hung around until the ambulance got there.

Kathy and I finally left late this afternoon to head to Atlanta. We stopped south of the city and had a very nice leisurely meal. When we arrived at the hotel, I kept looking at the bellman’s cart as we were going up the elevator. Something didn’t look right. As we were following the bellman down the hall on the 7th floor I realized what didn’t look right. My red bag was missing. The one with all my clothes in it. The bellman felt really bad for me. I asked him where the nearest mall was located and we contemplated going on a quick shopping spree. That contemplation didn’t last long because we realized we could drive back home (2 hrs one way) and get the bag quicker than we could go buy clothes to fit me.

So we went back down, got the car and headed back to Warner Robins. Before we left I got one of my sons on the phone and John graciously agreed to go by our house, pick up my red bag and head towards Atlanta to meet us somewhere on the interstate. We met about halfway and we were on our way back to the Westin.

So IF I make it out of here in the morning, we are heading out for a few days for business mixed with a little pleasure. Or maybe a lot of pleasure mixed with a little business. If I have connectivity I’m sure I will post a blog or two from beautiful Cabo San Lucas.

Hopefully it will be a great trip. It has to be downhill from here after today.

Surely it will be.

Buenos noches. Hasta luego.


Anonymous said...

Have fun

Judy S said...

Have a wonderful time and be careful about what you eat.

Anonymous said...

Don't drink the H20


Anonymous said...

Have a great time!! Wish we were going with you!
Barbara and Danny

Anonymous said...

Oh Cabo sounds wonderful right now!! Have fun, but be careful!!

Anonymous said...

I am glad you reached me...I would hate to know that David or Luke would have been the deciding factor of me going to Mexico