Monday, November 19, 2007

A Pretty Doggoned Good Monday

Kathy is out of school this week and I’m taking a few vacation days as we head into Thanksgiving. John and Tami are working and Taylor’s Nanny is out of town, so we are getting to keep our little Taylor for a couple of days. As you can see in this picture Taylor is pretty much worn down now and will soon be ready for bed.

Let’s see. Kathy and Taylor started the morning much earlier than me but I spent most of my morning on the floor playing with Taylor and all her little toys. She got really tickled when her big ole Papa crawled down the hall with her.

We then took her on a little field trip to the local mall and also paid a rather lengthy visit to Target. We got back home in the middle of the afternoon and while Taylor and Meme took a nap I watched the Jerry Springer Show and Oprah.

I’m not sure I have ever watched an entire Jerry Springer Show until today. Are they serious? This guy had accused his brother with sleeping with his girlfriend. The guy, his brother and the girlfriend were all guests on the show. They ripped their shirts off and spent most of the show fighting on stage. I can’t believe people actually watch this show.

Oprah followed Jerry Springer and I watched it because of her recent visit to Macon. Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks were her guests and talked about a movie in which they are starring that will be released on Christmas day. The movie is based on a true story and looks like it will be a good one. Oprah’s show on Tuesday will be the show she taped in Macon. So it looks like I will be watching Oprah two days in a row.

Tonight I threw a few steaks on the grill and we spent the rest of the night playing with Taylor and watching Dancing with the Stars. John and Tami came by after work to visit their little girl. Since Tami has to be at work at the break of day in the morning, Taylor will spend another night with us and will go back home tomorrow night.

I can tell you my Mondays usually do not consist of playing in the floor with my grandbaby and strolling through the mall and watching Jerry Springer and Oprah. But that’s what my Monday consisted of today.

And I have to tell you. It was a pretty doggoned good Monday.


Anonymous said...

I'll have to admit...It was the best Monday I've spent in a long time. I was with the two best people in the Bruce and Taylor.

Henry said...