Sunday, November 11, 2007

You Can Take Coach Richt's Lesson to the Bank

Mark Richt made a monumental comment in his post game interview after the Georgia –Auburn game on Saturday. “Half the battle is energy and half the battle is execution.”

I can tell you that comment is true in football and is also true in life.

For those of you who are not SEC football fans, Coach Richt has stuck his neck out a couple of times this year in the name of energy. The first was at the Florida game when he ordered his team before the game to celebrate in the end zone after the first Georgia score. Although Florida Coach Urban Meyer was infuriated at the unusual sight, the energy created for the team and their fans gave the Bulldogs the edge. Final score: Georgia 42 Florida 30.

Early in the week, Richt and his seniors, still trying to get the edge in a huge game, called for a “Black Out” in the game against Auburn. They asked all fans to show up at Sanford Stadium clad in black. The fans listened and turned what is normally the Red Sea into the Black Sea. It was a sight to behold.

What the fans did not know was that Richt had ordered black jersey’s back in the summer for this particular game. There was speculation from the Bulldog nation that the team would be wearing black. Some were against it because the black jerseys would break the “between the hedges” tradition of red jerseys for the home team. Those fans were relieved when the team came out their pregame warm-ups wearing red. Wondering if they would change to black in the dressing room after the warm-ups, those fans were even more relieved when the captains came out to the 50 yard line for the traditional coin toss clad in red.

Then the place exploded. The Georgia team ran on the field wearing black jerseys and off came the captains’ red jerseys to reveal black jersey’s under them. Even Coach Richt had changed to what he called the “Johnny Cash” look. And according to some folks I talked to who were there, it may have been the most electric atmosphere ever in Sanford Stadium. And there have been more than a few electric moments over the years at Sanford Stadium.

It is very true that Georgia did not win the game because of the color of their jerseys. But it was at least half the reason they won it.

I have learned in the real world there are many talented people who never have learned to win. They have the smarts and the “know how” to be the absolute best at whatever they do. But they don’t have the energy or “fire in the belly” to take them to the next level.

One thing is for certain. The most talented don’t always win. Talent and execution are only half the battle. The other half is energy.

And whether you are a Georgia Bulldog fan or not, you can take Coach Richt’s lesson to the bank.

I actually took that lesson to church today.

I wore all black except for my little red Georgia Bulldog logo on my black vest.


Anonymous said...

I have been to a lot of UGA football games, but never one like this one. The black-out created a surreal atmosphere. The team and fans were boiling over with energy. Not sure the contribution of the black-out, but I can you excitement wins football games—it can also help get ahead in life.

Anonymous said...

You probably looked like Johnny Cash. I hope your Dawgs don't meet my Jayhawks post season. It will be like an eagle chasing a minature poodle.


Anonymous said...

I hope those same bulldogs will wear their black-out jerseys when they play (if they make it in) LSU in the SEC Championship game. I want those bullpuppies to be at their highest energy level possible when the Tigers rip em apart!
GA native but LSU fan!