Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Always On My Mind

Dear Daddy,

Since I don’t believe regular mail will make it to your mailbox these days, I will post this letter here hoping that there is a hi-fi wireless access somewhere in heaven where you can get online. I figure this is my best shot.

Although I have read that one day in heaven is like a thousand years here, I am quite positive you will not take the time to do the math to figure how long ago in earth years it has been since you were promoted to your new address. Just for the record, in our timekeeping system here, it has been exactly 14 years ago today. If I am doing my math correctly, that would be about 20 minutes to you. If I live another 30 years, it would be about another 43 minutes in heaven time when we meet again.

That happens to be very encouraging to me because the things I struggle with here for a month are in reality about 7 seconds from your perspective. That means the things I struggle with for a day are like a quarter of a second from the heavenly perspective.

So I guess you are telling me I should learn to relax down here, right? I’m quite sure, with what you know now, you would tell me there is no reason for us to even sweat the big stuff, much less the small stuff.

In spite of all that Biblical and mathematical truth, I am still stuck here on the slow time. A day here is still 24 hours and a year is 365 days. Although you haven’t even had time to get your breath yet there, a lot has transpired for us here since your 20 minutes in heaven.

You had two new great grandbabies born this year (earth time). I think that makes seven for you now. If you are reading this, I’m sure you have read about little Taylor Reese. But please tell Mama (she got there about 15 seconds before you in case you haven’t found her yet) that Lucy and Eric had a little girl about 3 seconds ago (your time).

You both will be very proud to know that they named her Naia after your wife and daughter and my Mama. I am positive she will be thrilled to know that.

The odds are I will see you in about 45 minutes but it could be quicker than that. It would suit me just fine if it is at least an hour. I would then be the ripe old age of 94.

From your perspective it certainly won’t be long. Just go watch a re-run of the Carol Burnett Show and I’ll be there.

In the meantime, please know that you were on my mind all day today. In fact you are always on my mind.

I love you,

Your youngest son

PS Please excuse the photo of you posted here taken in the mid seventies at the Reynolds Drug Store. I can tell by your hairdo that you were messing with somebody.


Anonymous said...

Bruce--what a beautiful tribute to your Dad--it made me cry. Sue

Anonymous said...

For those of you struggling with the math:

1 day = 1000 years
1 hour = 1000/24 = 41.67 yrs
1 minute = 41.67/60 = .695 yrs or approx 8 1/2 months
1 second = .695/60 = .0116 or approx 4 days

Dufer said...

Thanks for the posting Bruce. It encouraged me in my dealing with my own father's end here in this world.


Anonymous said...

Obviously the person who explained the mathematical stuff must have taken math from Miss Eleanor Bell.

Darryll said...

I lost my DAD 16 years ago and I still miss him today.Your article really hit home with me..Darryll