Saturday, January 19, 2008

Drew-Drew Time

About a year and a half ago, I wrote a blog entitled Dead Solid Perfect. Just for an update, she was then and still is now.

Dead solid perfect.

Drew (I call her Drew-Drew) is about to turn 20 and she will have the first of I’m sure several birthday celebrations at our house tonight. Actually she and Luke had planned on going out for dinner tonight but we talked them into doing that later due to the potentially freezing rain tonight.

So Kathy made a quick trip to the grocery store and is cooking a birthday dinner as I type this. I haven’t asked but I am sure I will also smell the aroma of a cake in the oven soon.

There are some real advantages to inclement weather. An obvious one is when we all get to just hang out at home and have some family time.

Tonight at our house our family time will be Drew-Drew time.

Her birthday is actually Monday January 21. I would sincerely appreciate it if many of you sent her a note wishing her a Happy Birthday. It sure would make this future daddy in law look good. Her email address is

Thank you in advance. I’m counting on you.

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