Saturday, March 08, 2008

I Have a Picture to Prove It

I have just discovered these two famous brothers have been performing together for 50 years. If I had not struck up a conversation with the guy next to me on the plane today I would have missed them.

My new friend Gib was returning to Springfield MO from a business trip from Puerto Rico. There was a very nice lady sitting in front of us by the name of Alex who overheard our conversation and she turned to join us. Alex was returning to Springfield after visiting her family in Charleston. Gib is a supervisor with the USDA. Alex is an Anesthesiologist in Springfield.

I was heading to Springfield to rent a car to drive to Branson to speak at a meeting here today. By the way, both Gib and Alex will be getting a book from me in the mail.

As we were exchanging pleasantries, Gib noticed Tommy Smothers a couple of seats in front of us. And we both noticed he was sitting with his brother, Dick. For you younger folks, the Smothers Brothers had a very popular variety show on television in the late 60’s. They stayed in hot water because they used their show to express views that were part of the counter culture during the Viet Nam era. In other words, their writers produced rather controversial material. And their very popular show was eventually cancelled.

It was interesting that absolutely nobody but the three of us noticed they were on the plane. Most of the folks on the plane are too young to remember them.

As you might imagine I grabbed my camera as I got off the plane and followed them. I introduced myself and told them I was one of the few people on the plane old enough to know who in the heck they were. They were very friendly and made some funny comments about the options instead of getting old. The truth is I had no idea they were still alive.

But I remember being glued to the television in the late sixties when they came on television. They were funny but also had some great groups on their show such as George Harrison, Steppenwolf, Jefferson Airplane, Glen Campbell and on and on. And who could ever forget the comedian Pat Paulson who was a regular on that show. He ran for President as a comedian. And got a ton of votes.

I have learned to pay attention when I’m traveling. One can meet some new friends along the way. And there is no telling who is riding on the plane with you.

Today it was the Smothers Brothers. And I have a picture to prove it.


Anonymous said...

Fortunately for us, they were on CBS. We only got NBC late at night when the weather was right. Did you know that Tommy Smothers is one of the world's foremost yo-yo artists, yo-yoist, or whatever you might call them? Anyway, he's real good with that thing. By the way, how is Miss Irene? We haven't heard about her since she moved to the ALF.

Anonymous said...

I did not know they were still alive

Anonymous said...

Of course they're still alive and their concert act is fabulous - you should try to catch it sometime. Too bad Pat Paulsen wasn't with them. You can find him at He's still the best Presidential candidate we've got!!!

Laneesha said...

Were they headed to Branson?

I have your site bookmarked, and reside in Springfield, MO

Anonymous said...

Pat Paulsen passed away in 1997.

Anonymous said...

To reader in Springfield: Actually, the Smothers Brothers performed Friday night at Hammonds Hall in Springfield. I saw a clip of their performance on the news late on Friday night. Thanks for "bookmarking" my site. BG