Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Papa Who Never Says No

When I walked in the house tonight her Meme was holding her standing in the kitchen. She pointed to me as soon as she saw me.

And she called me Papa. Very plainly she called me Papa.

When I walked up to her she reached for me to pick her up. Trust me I did. I asked her to give “Papa” a kiss. She puckered up and kissed me on my lips.

In just a few minutes she was reaching back to her Meme. She saw some bananas on the counter and she wanted a “nana”. Kathy put her in the chair and cut her up a “nana”.

I sat down beside her and watched her eat. I asked her to show me her nose. She pointed at her nose and laughed. I asked her to show me her hair. She reached for her hair. Now she had “nana” in her hair. I grabbed my camera and she immediately posed. She definitely knows what to do when someone points a camera at her. She has had a ton of practice.

She had a real fork in her hand and started hitting the fork on the table. The louder the noise the more she liked it. After a few minutes of pounding the fork, I used a word I have never used before with my grandbaby girl.

I looked at her and very politely said, “No.”

Taylor obviously knew what that word meant because she gave me the most pitiful look. I’m really not ever planning on using that word again with this little girl. I’ll leave that up to her mom and dad.

I have a strong feeling I will be known as the Papa who never says no. That's what Papa's are for. Right?

You think she's got me wrapped around her little finger or what?


Judy S said...

"NO", that's not what Papa's are for. Papa's are to spoil, love them and help the parents teach them. Remember you have three sons and some day there will more grandchildren. We have five now and if we didn't know how to say no our bank account would be zero. Little girls especially love pretty dresses, jewelry and purses. Believe me, ours are spoiled and we don't say no enough.

Anonymous said...

Taylor is getting so big!!! I can't wait until I see her again-by then I may be real "big" myself.:)