Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Flavor of Chattanooga

(Chattanooga) I am in town this week for meetings with a group of folks from about nine states. Although the meetings make for long days, our host as made sure the evenings will be something to remember. And all of us are getting to taste the local flavor of Chattanooga.

Monday night the taste was something I will definitely remember. And if I’m still breathing I plan to taste it again. The place is called Sugar’s Ribs. Without a doubt they are the best ribs I ever eaten in my life…. and I have eaten a few. I think I mentioned another rib place in a blog in the past, but this is the best. If you are looking for elegant atmosphere, this is not your place. You just pull up and chair and grab a few paper towels from the center of your table and dive in. And you laugh and enjoy the waitress as she dances around the room and sings loudly with the jukebox while she delivers your food and describes the sauces. Sugar’s Ribs is Chattanooga at its best.

Tonight we visited the best kept secret in Chattanooga. It is called the Warehouse. There are no brochures, no advertisements and no website promoting this unique place. But there is plenty of entertainment to go around for everybody. In fact, our group had the place to ourselves. And the magic of the entertainment was that we were the entertainment. You would never know the singing group shown here (made up of my business associates) actually have day jobs. But thank God they do because they would go broke if they had to sing with each other for a living.

In my estimation when you leave a place and your jaw and belly are sore from laughing, it has been an evening well spent.

The more I experience the flavor of Chattanooga, the more I like it. And since I have a couple more nights here there will be more to come. As you can see I have my camera with me so please stay tuned.

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