Sunday, May 04, 2008

More Memories at a Very Special Place

I spent some quality time with my oldest son this weekend. And it was like I went back in time to do it. It was back to the Reynolds Golf Club where I spent so much time as a boy with my dad. And where I have a ton of memories on every tee and every green in every fairway and every sand trap and at every pine tree.

In 1987 when my wife and I had been married 10 years and all three of our boys had been born, I was playing number nine one afternoon and noticed a “For Sale” sign going up at the Bond house that sat on that fairway. Within a couple of weeks we had a contract on that house. We lived there for the next 16 years and our boys grew up with our yellow lab named Abby on that golf course. And another generation of memories was created.

Bucky Johnson (pictured here with David and me) and his family lived on the other side of the golf course during those years. He and his family make up a huge part of those memories. He spent as much time with my boys as I did. And they never forgot it.

This year the Reynolds Golf Course was on the verge of closing. A group of interested citizens have worked feverishly and tirelessly the last few months to make sure that did not happen. They have had financial support from local businesses and individuals. This weekend they held a golf tournament to raise more funds for that effort. I am very glad we played.

I should mention here that my friend Bucky and his partner won at 22 under par for the 36 hole tournament. That ain’t bad on any golf course. I should also mention that Bucky brought in a ringer to assist him. Bucky and Jill’s second daughter, Anna, is on the softball team at Mercer University. Her boyfriend, Ryan, is on the golf team at that same university. Ryan can crush a golf ball. As you can see, he has also excelled in the girlfriend department.

The Reynolds Golf Club came to life this weekend. Hopefully there will be much more to come and it will stay alive. They raised a few needed dollars to make it a little better. And we had fun playing a game I seldom get to play anymore.

But more importantly, this dad and his oldest son created more memories at a very special place that will undoubtedly last a lifetime.

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