Wednesday, July 09, 2008

My Eventful Week

(Tulsa) Hope your week has been good. After a week of lounging on the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, I got back into the swing of things in fine fashion this week.

I watched a girl crying her heart out at the Atlanta airport the other day. I was sitting in a chair working on the computer and I tried to listen to what she was saying on the phone. I didn’t want to interfere so I let her be. But after they moved us to another gate, I looked up and saw the red eyed girl again. This time I asked her if I could help. She busted out crying. She was 19 and traveling for the first time. She and her friend had been waiting for a standby seat to Tulsa and her friend got on an earlier flight but she was left behind. The flight I was on was completely full. I tried to encourage her and almost let her take my seat but I didn’t. I even asked her if she needed money. She told me between sobs that she had $100 and she was okay. I hated to leave her and have thought about her several times since. I hope she got home.

I was punished for leaving her. I was on a small plane and a guy at least as tall as me but weighing in around 400 pounds sat beside me… or on me. I want to be nice about this but he had a little (or actually a lot) odor going on too. It was the longest two hours I have ever spent in my life. It would have been easier to be stuck on an elevator (which I was last week with my daughter in law) for two hours than to be wedged in that little seat. To top that off when I got to the car rental place I had to stand in line behind this same guy waiting on him to figure out what kind of car he was going to rent. I hope he got a big one. And I hope the rental place has some Lysol when he turns the car back in. If not, it will be rough on the next renter.

Today I went to lunch in a quaint Oklahoma town and couldn’t help but notice the names of two restaurants across the street from one another. One was named Sam and Ellas and the other was named E- Coli. I’m serious and the pictures posted here confirm it. I decided not to eat at either one. Any restaurant named after a deadly bacteria is not a place I want to eat.

That sums up my eventful week so far. And I ain’t done yet.

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