Thursday, July 10, 2008

Blog Worthy Pics

Taylor and I have a game we play and a song we sing. It started several weeks ago one Saturday morning after Taylor had spent the night with us. She was crying for her Meme while Meme was taking a shower. So she and I kinda made up a song and a dance: “ Meme’s taking a shower – Taylor’s playing with Papa…” Taylor liked the song as we danced and played like we were washing our underarms while we sang those lines. I suppose you have to use your imagination since you were not there.

But it worked and we sing it or variations of that song a lot when Taylor is wanting her Meme.

I got home tonight and a new variation worked well while Kathy was trying to cook dinner. When I walked in Taylor started acting like she was washing her underarms but Meme wasn't taking a shower so we had to create some new words: "Meme’s cookin’ supper, Taylor’s playing with Papa…” Again I suppose you would need to be there to appreciate this special song and dance between a Papa and his little grandbaby girl.

While we were playing and singing, Taylor decided to pose for a couple of pictures for me. Definitely blog worthy pictures. You think she has her Papa wrapped around her little bitty finger?


super lotto said...

Kanami sang imo blog. Daw spaghetti.

Sara said...

Taylor has gotten so big. I love her curls!