Monday, July 14, 2008

Not a Good Night to be an Athiest

(Ponte Vedra Beach, FL) "It is not a good night to be an atheist."

I just heard a television commentator make that quote regarding the remarkable performance of Josh Hamilton tonight in the first round of baseball’s Home Run Derby at Yankee Stadium.

I’m at a very upscale hotel tonight with a room overlooking the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. I am here to speak at a conference. I have a big balcony and I’m sure I will walk out in a few minutes and enjoy the moment. But I turned the television on tonight when I arrived just in time to see Josh Hamilton hit the most homeruns ever in the first round of the home run derby. And to top it off it all happened in Yankee Stadium. The “House that Ruth Built" will be torn down after this year.

Hamilton was promptly interviewed when he finally got his 10 outs. He was very quick to give God the credit for his performance tonight and more importantly for his turn around in life. I was struck by the thought that this guy was not just saying words. He meant it.

In case you don't know, Josh Hamilton is a recovering drug addict. He was addicted to Cocaine and Heroin and it not only almost ended a potential great baseball career but it almost ended his life. He has been clean since 2005 and says his miraculous turn around in life is a “God thing.” I happen to believe him. Every time he comes to bat at Rangers Ballpark he is introduced by the Christian song called “Saved the Day.”

How good is he? You baseball fans will understand that a guy in his first full year in the major leagues having 95 RBI’s at the All Star Break really is a God thing. And to do what he did tonight in front of a packed house at Yankee Stadium got a lot of folks attention for sure. Sounded to me like God was making a statement.

The statement? Hopelessness can be turned into hope. And there is only One who can do it.

The neat thing was a national television audience got to contemplate the statement tonight.

Definitely not a good night to be an atheist.


sherry said...

To God be the glory! Thank you for posting that tribute to our God and to one of HIS children. And may all understand the power and the hope we have through Christ Jesus.

Anonymous said...

bring hamilton to atlanta!!!