Saturday, August 16, 2008

Old Music and Old Friendships

(New York City) We were born 54 years ago in 1954 and only 17 days apart. When we were babies our mamas had us christened on the same Sunday morning. We played little league baseball together and spent the night in each other’s homes too many times to count. We rode together to high school almost every single day after we were old enough to drive.

The truth is I don’t have many memories growing up that do not include Jimmy Childre, Jr. Although in many ways our lives have taken different paths for the past 36 years, we have reminded each other of our lifelong friendship every year since we became adults. Every September 3rd, Jimmy gets a call from me to wish him a Happy Birthday. Every September 20th, I get a call from him. We forget a lot of stuff but neither of us ever forget to make that call.

This year we decided we would do more than give each other a call. To celebrate our upcoming birthdays we decided to take a road trip. And that’s why tonight I find myself writing a blog from the heart of New York City.

Actually the plan at the beginning was to go to a Yankees game. We grew up watching the Yankees on television and we wanted to visit this park before they tear it down after this season. Our plan is to be at that game tomorrow and take it all in. And I have a feeling you will read about it here.

But tonight we got a bonus. We found some tickets to the sold out Broadway show called The Jersey Boys. I took a chance and gave a complete stranger my credit card number for 2 tickets to this show. I was told to pick them up from the bartender at an Italian Restaurant shown here in New York City. Incredibly the tickets were there when we showed up to get them.

The Jersey Boys, which is the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, was as good as it gets. For folks who grew up in the sixties and loves the music of that era, it was a show of all shows. Some music has a way of taking us back to a time and place we will never forget. We were definitely taken to that happy place tonight.

I was reminded tonight that old music never dies but just gets richer as time passes.

So does old friendships.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you and Jimmy are beginning your trip with style. I 'm glad yall are having a good time.
Keep me posted on your adventure.

Anonymous said...

Did you have a sleep over at Campbell's Funeral Home?