Sunday, August 24, 2008

One Gorgeous Helper

“It is not good for man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” If you read your Bible you know that is a quote from God Himself.

After this weekend I can’t help but wonder if God had Collier Watson in mind when He made that statement.

For the past couple of years, Collier has been doing two things that are very difficult. For starters he has been a medical student at Virginia Tech for two years. That has to be difficult enough. But additionally he has been madly in love with a gorgeous girl who was about 600 miles away.

It’s not easy being in love and the person you love is somewhere else.

At one point earlier this year Collier had a conversation with his dad when the stress of studying and tests were piling up. Collier said, “Dad, if I could just get her here everything will be all right.”

About 5PM Saturday Butler GA time, the helper God made suitable for Collier Watson walked down the aisle of Bethel Congregational Methodist Church to join him at the marriage altar. The familiar Wedding March was never played. But the hair was standing on my head as I listened to the soloist sing “How Beautiful” as her dad escorted her down the aisle.

A few minutes later, Amanda Williamson became Mrs. Collier Watson. And if anyone ever married the “helper suitable for him” it was Collier Watson.

As I write this, Collier and Amanda are honeymooning on an island somewhere in the Caribbean Sea. When they return they will hit the ground running in Blacksburg, VA where Collier will continue his journey in Medical School and Amanda will be employed as a Physician Assistant in a local emergency room.

Collier’s wish to have the woman he loves with him has already come to pass. And the helper God created for Collier Watson is safely in his arms tonight.

I have to tell you - I never saw a more gorgeous helper than the one I saw last night.



Anonymous said...

I agree....she was beautiful. Amanda and Collier's wedding was a worshipful event. When Amanda came down the aisle while the soloist sang "How Beautiful" I lost it. That was truly the body of Christ.Both of them got a good catch when they found each other.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Bruce. I love you and your family so much. Thank you for being such a very special part of our life!!! beth

steve said...

You're right on again this time as usual, Bruce.

Anonymous said...

Does she give prostate exams?