Saturday, October 11, 2008

Best Investments

Taylor Reese Goddard met John Clayton Eiland for the first time today. Taylor was a little shy and John could not have cared less but I was there to capture the moment anyway. They won’t remember this Saturday afternoon but I am confident there will be many more afternoons for these two that they will remember.

Taylor’s dad and John’s mom are first cousins and best friends. The two of them spent many weekends together in places like Rome, GA and Reynolds, GA growing up. They also spent a lot of holidays and a few beach vacations together. And both have a ton of great memories.

And I have a feeling they will make sure these two kiddos get to know each other as well. And have just as much fun.

A new generation of friendship and family is alive and well. In spite of the panic on Wall Street and the depression on Main Street, the value of relationships like this only increase.

The best investments are definitely made here.


Anonymous said...


You have a postive spin on everything. I wish we could met again. I will be back in Ga. this weekend in Canton to do a BBQ contest. Its been a long time since I be to the Valley. Look me up when you get back in Tennessee.

Richard Preston

Go Bulldogs...

Anonymous said...

It was hard for Russ to let his son wear this.:) It was so great to see ya'll this weekend and i'm so glad Taylor got to meet John.
Love you!