Friday, October 10, 2008


I walked in a hotel room last night, turned on the TV and before I could take off my necktie, I watched a news segment on the world’s most successful female recording artist. She has sold over 200 million records worldwide and is worth a cool $400 million.

I have to admit I have not contributed one dollar to her success. I have never attended one of her concerts, never bought her album or CD and don’t even own the tee shirt.

But last night I had to stop and watch when I saw her on the news being her normal vulgar self. She was on the stage at one of her concerts saying some not so nice things about Gov. Sarah Palin. In fact her comments about Sarah Palin would make a sailor blush and the Vatican very angry.

Typical Madonna I suppose. Always enjoying being offensive.

Actually Madonna Ciccone had been the topic of conversation at dinner a few minutes earlier. Madonna grew up in Rochester Hills, Michigan. And so did my long time friend and co-worker with whom I was eating dinner.

Vern and I have been friends a long time. We hit if off quickly because we learned early on we are Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity brothers – he at Michigan State University and me at University of Georgia. We also discovered that years ago we both owned a 64 push button Plymouth. I thought Vern had told me most everything I needed to know.

But last night he made a bombshell of a statement while we were having dinner. It seemed like no big deal to him but I almost dropped the butter dish.

Vern casually told me that he dated Madonna a few times when they were in high school.

For some reason Vern has never bothered to give me that little piece of information. As you might imagine I spent the rest of the evening asking Vern questions about the Material Girl before she was real material.

And I realized I have a friend who is a real celebrity.

I didn’t get his autograph but I did get my picture made with him.


Anonymous said...

I like your play on words. You are getting good.

Anonymous said...

MSU has a great football team this year.