Monday, October 06, 2008

Present Moment

My wife and I had one of those conversations yesterday that fifty something couples have every now and then where we discuss how fast life is going by. Maybe it’s because when I look in the mirror I’m beginning to see a little gray hair.

Or maybe it’s because of the pictures I took yesterday of my wife and her mom while we were visiting her at the Assisted Living facility in which she lives.

The incredible thing is in what seems like just yesterday, I could have taken a picture of Kathy’s mom and her mom’s mom and it would have looked strikingly similar.

A case in point about time flying.

We moved to Warner Robins, GA in the spring of 2003. When we moved Mrs. Irene was driving to our house from Reynolds to visit. After a few months she moved in with us and lived with us about four years. In August of 2007, due to her declining health, her children made the decision to move her in the assisted living facility. She has never complained. In fact, every time we go there she talks about how her little apartment is just perfect for her.

For most of the past year, in spite of all our visits, she has called our house many times every day. And I’m sure she has called her other children just as often. But lately the calls have not been as often. And the lady who used to have an opinion about most everything is extremely quiet.

The mind is an amazing thing. With it we remember so much of our past that made us who we are. We remember what made us laugh and what made us cry and the people we loved and the people who influenced us. But when the mind starts to slip, the present moment becomes all so much more important.

On Sunday afternoon, the present moment translated to a spontaneous foot rub by a very appreciative and thankful daughter.

And that present moment spoke volumes to this husband and son in law.


Anonymous said...

She is so quiet these days, which is so unlike Mama. I took Tom's Dad by earlier today and I did most of the talking and story telling, and yet she remembers that we are taking her on a trip at the end of this month. Its a sad thing to watch..

Anonymous said...

Bruce, your blog brought tears to my eyes. Thank you.
Love you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Bruce. I have so many wonderful memories of Ms. Irene. We talk about her quite often at the Georgia Center. She will always be a part of us.


Anonymous said...

Bruce, I enjoy your blogs very much, but especially the ones you write about Irene. As we grow older and mature in Jesus Christ, he often reminds us of the people who had a very special part in shaping our lives when we were young. Irene was certainly one of those people. I think about her often.

Hope to see you all soon.

Ed Guinn

Anonymous said...

Bruce, Please relay this message to Kathy.
"Miss Irene" has always been an attractive lady but her picture in Bruce's blog is absolutely beautiful. She has aged with such dignity and grace. Enjoy every moment that you have with her. Just give her a hug and tell her that "Ann sent the hug."