Sunday, October 05, 2008

More Than She Can Imagine

I started off my role as a Papa as a very good 20 minute babysitter. After a couple of weeks short of 21 months, I’m getting better. In fact I’m getting much better. On Saturday, when most other red blooded males were glued to their HD televisions watching college football, this Papa was glued to his little grandbaby girl.

It was just me and Taylor….for about four hours. We took a nap and then went for a long walk in the neighborhood. We played in the grass in the front yard; we played on the back porch and played in her playroom. We played anywhere she wanted to play.

The way I have it figured, when this gorgeous little girl gets old enough to get her driver’s license, I’ll be close to 70 years old and too old to do much of anything.

So now is my chance to dance.

When her Meme got home late in the afternoon, the three of us took off for the Georgia National Fair to meet her Mom and Dad. But before we met them, we took her to see the animals.

I’m sure Taylor will never remember the first real cow she saw, but I will always remember it. Her eyes lit up like a light bulb when she heard the loud moooo. She even got to pet a cow and a real rabbit. The next time we read one of her little books and she points out a cow and a rabbit, she will have a much better perspective.

Taylor may not remember all this but hopefully one day she will read this for herself, see the pictures and know she spent one fine fall Saturday in 2008 with some folks who love her more than she can imagine.


Anonymous said...

I love this part of our lives!!!

Sara said...

Wow, Taylor is really growing. I know my dad looks forward to just him and Anna time!