Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Dressed for the Occasion

Someone who used to be my friend (and relative) sent me this picture last night. But the more I looked at it the more I realized this brutal, heartless, Alabama fan and nephew in law by the name of Russ Eiland was exactly right.

I’ve been to more than a few funerals in my life and that game last Saturday night was just that for the Bulldog Nation. We even went through all the stages of grief I have been so versed in all my life.

Denial, Anger, Depression….. and reluctantly... Acceptance.

"This can’t be happening! No way Alabama is beating our beloved Dawgs like a drum. We really aren’t this bad. The trip to Arizona last week is causing this. This is not the team I’ve been seeing all year."

Classic denial.

"These sorry so and so’s. Richt and Bobo need to be hung up publically by their private parts with elastic strings. How can this team play so sorry on this national stage? Who is responsible for this?" ... as the Bulldog Nation in living rooms throughout the state throw pillows across the room . “Just go to bed before I say something ugly to you," - when an innocent wife asks why you are so mad.

Classic Anger.

"I feel terrible. I don’t want to go to church tomorrow and face my rabid Alabama fan pastor who will I’m sure be wearing a Roll Tide tie or Elephant Suspenders to rub it in. I think I will stay in bed. Or if I decide to go I think I will deduct about 50% from my regular offering. I don’t want to play today."

Classic Depression.

"It’s just a stupid football game. The stock was going to fall almost 800 points on Monday whether we won or not. The better team actually won and there is nothing wrong with that. We’ll get ‘em next year or maybe (less likely) we’ll see them again this year. We’ll focus on Tennessee in a couple of weeks."

Classic Acceptance.

But make no mistake - a Classic Butt Whooping that quickly turned into a funeral.

And we were even dressed for the occasion.


Anonymous said...

A blind pig finds an acorn . . . can't wait until the rematch--Southeastern Championship Game in the Dome. That is the game that really counts.
Go Dawgs!!

Anonymous said...

That blog was a good one. Only you would compare it to a funeral.

Alan Dobbins said...


I sent a text to Rudy at halftime asking if he still had his black shirt on. I spared you from the trash talk, but glad to see Russ took care of it. Let's all hope for a rematch in Atlanta!


Island Dawg said...

Never Give Up Dawgs! We can still win the SEC.
- wouldn’t it be sweet if we played Bama December the 6th at the Georgia Dome for the SEC Championship.

Anonymous said...

The Dawgs are done how about those LSU Tigers