Sunday, October 26, 2008

True Blessings

I had one of those rare weeks this past week where I did not travel. It will be the last one of those until the holidays but I needed the time in the office. I also got to do some things I normally can’t do.

For starters we were having a conference at our church that I attended two different nights. It was a pastor’s conference that featured excellent speakers who are pastors of some of the largest churches in America. I’m not a pastor but Lord knows I’ve known a few. I have also buried a few. I figured they could use a little support from a friendly undertaker before their church members kill them.

I have already mentioned that I had my annual (or is it called anal) physical. I checked out good. I need to exercise more but I think I’m good for at least another year. I still have to schedule a colonoscopy and hope to get that done before the end of the year. It’s all part of growing up I suppose.

After I left the doctor’s office, I decided to drop by and vote since I will be out of town on the big day. The “drop by” turned into standing in line for an hour. But it was worth it because I heard the quote of the year as I was standing in the very long line.

A couple of young voters came in with their big caps and wearing their favorite professional football jerseys. When they saw the long line one of the guys happened to be right next to me when he said, “I don’t think I like Obama that much.” He and his buddy left without voting.

This week I also got to spend some quality time with the wife and the family. Kathy and I actually had dinner together every night. And I had some great bonus “Taylor” time with our little grandbaby girl. I spent one of the best Saturday’s I can remember. All my boys and their ladies were here. At lunch, while the girls were out gallivanting and getting haircuts and such with their mother in law, my three boys and I had lunch at a local eatery. Afterwards we came home and cheered the Georgia Bulldogs to victory. By sundown, everybody was under one roof and eating homemade chili and enjoying the moment. Later in the night, I walked upstairs, and there were at least five folks on our bed watching something on TV. If it gets any better than that for a dad, please let me know where it is and I want to go soon.

Earlier in the week, I stopped by the Children’s Hospital at lunch to visit a sweet little baby girl who had been diagnosed with an illness called Kawasaki Disease. I had never heard of such a disease but whatever it is, little Izzy is now home and doing fine. As you can imagine Kevin and Wendy (her mom and dad) stayed at the hospital around the clock with their little girl. And mama even slept very uncomfortably in the crib with her. The picture you see here paints at least a thousand words.

Is there anything a parent would not do for their children?

For me the answer to that question is easy.

It’s called unconditional love. It is the relentless variety. You love them when they are healthy and you love them when they are sick. You love them when they get it right and you love them when they get it wrong. And you are reminded of all that when everyone is sitting around a table eating a hot bowl of chili on a cool Saturday night.

And you thank God for the true blessings of life.

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Judy S said...

Hey Bruce,
I am glad the check-up went well. It sounds like you had a great weekend with your family. I will be praying for the little one with the kidney disease. Take care and it is really good to hear from you. I miss you when you're gone.