Wednesday, November 19, 2008

High Hopes

Although the Georgia Bulldogs have lost only a couple of games so far, it has been a rather disappointing year for the Bulldog Nation. We had really high hopes at the beginning of this football season.

But it's kinda obvious these sisters are not disappointed - not even a little bit.

Most Georgia Bulldogs, by the way, are not made. They are born. It’s a genetic thing. By the grace of God, these beautiful triplets were born to parents who cut the teeth of their relationship in the student section in the North stands of Sanford Stadium in Athens, Ga.

These girls are genuine authentic Georgia Bulldogs.

My mama, God rest her soul, was not born bleeding Red and Black like the Newton triplets. She was a proud Floridian and I vividly remember her pulling for the Florida Gators when I was a young knocker. But when my brother and I became students at UGA, her allegiance to the Gators faded quickly and she became one of the biggest Dawg fans you could ever meet.

Mama lived long enough to know and hold all of her nine grandchildren. And thankfully they all remember her. The older they get the more they will appreciate the incredible blessing of having memories of their “Nanny.”

Time has passed and there are seven great grandchildren now and another is on the way. Nanny never got to meet the incredible girls shown here but she would be smilin’ big time at this sight. In fact I would imagine most any citizen of the Bulldog nation will be smiling at these three additions to our elite nation.

In spite of a couple of losses this year and Georgia Tech still to come, these girls remind us that things will be just fine in the Bulldog Nation.

Go Dawgs! Sic ‘em.

Good lord we have high hopes.


Judy s said...

The girls are just beautiful and I know that their grandmother is very proud of them.

Anonymous said...

Those future cheerleaders are cute as a button! Go Dogs!!

Anonymous said...

The Dawgs have had a good year. Fans expect perfection, hard to obtain.

Sissy said...

I can definitely see some Newton genes in those girls....they are beautiful!